Sunday, October 26, 2008

Darren Couldn't Have Waited Just ONE MORE WEEK.. NOO..! :))

Print Screen Of Wordpress Download Via DownloadThemAll

Just one more week, Darren.. That's all I needed, Darren.. Just ONE MORE WEEK.. :grin:

So a funny thing happened on my way to Darren Rowse's latest Problogger post, Tell us about Your Blog in 140 Characters or Less.....

I got caught with my cyber britches all the way down around my ankles and sliding off one foot with the other not far behind..! :blush:

What has been happening is that I'm in the process of revamping EVERYTHING these Fingertips have ever been online.. Dust is flying EVERYWHERE, but only as fast as $9.95 a month dialup access allows..

Most recently, this blog, Six. Almost Seven.., had started to make the move over to as wisp-o'-the-will.. Really neat colors I was able to draw on to quickly generate an impromptu header image: Bold black and red using the "Neo-Sapian" theme originally created for Wordpress by WPDesigner..

Scooby Doo farts, you ask..? As Studebaker over at Twitter.. My friends over there are an unbelievably eclectic intermingling of microbloggers I adore and whom have no idea I spend some wee bit of time living vicariously through when they're not looking.. :grin:

Back on the subject of the progressive move over to Wordpress.. Was an extremely difficult decision to make, but ultimately it came down to that I really don't like having to feel like I need to visit my site occasionally just to make sure it's still "safe and sound".. Silly, yeah, but I'm kind of partial to the concept of Freedom of Speech, you know..? :wink:

Well, it was the constant worrying about the stability of one's opinion remaining online combined with the ease, or lack thereof, of being able to successfully validate Six. Almost Seven.. in its current state.. Hard as I tried to keep up with it, the most well-formed I could get it was within something like 80+ errors, give or take, over at W3C.. :grimace:

So what happened with, though, that sent the virtual dust specs flying everywhere yet again a few days ago was that scripts were getting scrubbed when I entered them.. A quick check of their FAQ revealed that there are a lot of things that don't work on the dot com site that do on some others, well, like Blogger, for example.. That's TOTALLY cool, just thank GOODNESS I learned the limitations this early on.. :phew, giggle:

That realization in hand, one super quick Internet search later brought me straight back to Wordpress, only this time it was over at their dot org version.. The "fun" still wasn't done yet, though..

Seems the completely free, downloadable, use-on-your-own-site version.....

Would NOT freaking download on this end to save my Life..!!!

Best as I can figure is that it might have something to do with that I'm using a really cheap, not p/c "inexpensive" but CHEAP, Internet service provider (ISP).. Caught on tape (translation: print screened for posterity) is the evidence: The file was downloading at 37 [bleeped] bites a second.. Chances are that either my ISP or the Wordpress server was timing me out because the download was taking so [double-bleeped] long..

A Wordpress forums tipster suggested a mirror over at Softpedia.. That proved to be the ticket.. Yeehaw..!

And that is where you find me now.. Cyber britches down at my ankles as I sit this second with's offering finally downloaded and extracted, YAY, and waiting for me to figure out if yes, Virginia, GoDaddy will or will not accommodate it as an upload..

Stay tuned.. And thank you so much for caring enough to pop in and visit.. :grin:

Cyber Hugs with warmest wishes of Peace and Love from the foothills of North Georgia..

P.S. Hm. Seems my ramen noodles were inadvertently posted elsewhere and never found their way home to roost.. In the spirit of the moment, the 140 characters or less version is:

  • One military B-1 bomber *approximately* equates to 1,538,461,538 single serving packages of ramen noodles, give or take a million or two..