Monday, April 30, 2007

JFA Update :: "Capitol Police arrests 74 protesters in wheelchairs"..

Justice For All (JFA) just dropped out another update regarding the 120 ADAPT arrests during their non-violent civil action up by and in the Rayburn House Office Building on Capitol Hill..

Capitol Police arrests 74 protesters in wheelchairs..
By Kelly McCormack
The Hill..
April 30, 2007

This one, when searched by the title, managed to hit the Internet news circuit..

JFA Breaking News :: 120 ADAPT Activists Arrested..

JUST NOW opened the following email from Justice For All (JFA)..

S#cky part..? Tried to go to Google News and nothin'.. Not the first dadgummed piece on it.. What's up with that..? I know.. Sighhhh......

Dear Readers,

At approximately 2:00pm today, AAPD (American Association of People with Disabilities) received word that 120 of the 500 ADAPT activists from across the nation had been arrested in and outside the House Rayburn Office Building on Capitol Hill. Arrests were made in the offices of Rep. John Dingell (D-MI) and Rep. Joe Barton (R-TX) as well as inside a hearing room of Rayburn and outside Rayburns entrance. Arrest processing is expected to continue into the night.

ADAPT activists were in Rayburn in efforts to have Reps. Dingell and Barton set a hearing date on the calendar for the Energy and Commerce Committee for the Community Choice Act and to have them sign-on as co-sponsors of the legislation.

Leaders of ADAPT met last week with the Democratic National Committee (DNC) and are scheduled to meet tomorrow with the Republican National Committee (RNC) all in efforts to help move the Community Choice Act through Congress.


Bob Kafka (512) 431-4085
Marsha Katz (406) 544-9504

To read more about the Community Choice Act (CCA), visit

(Original) Source: ADAPT..
Source for these fingertips: JFA..

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Georgia Tools For Life's ReBoot Program..

One of the latest emails in my inbox served as a reminder of the existence of the Georgia Tools For Life ReBoot computer recycling program.. Computer parts along with other miscellaneous technologies donated to Georgia Tools For Life's ReBoot are recycled, revamped through this non-profit then given to persons with disabilities across the state..

What I REALLY like about this program is that they ask for those who receive computers to pay it forward by donating, volunteering so many hours of time to ANY other non-profit entity of that person's choosing.. This is not just some kind of handout deal..

With all the wonderful interest in Freecycle-type programs going on right now, please think of adding TFL's ReBoot program to your bookmark index for the next time you upgrade your equipment in the future and just don't know what you're ever going to do with the backlog of computer parts beginning to pile up in that back closet of yours..

Georgia Alert :: SB 10 and the newest "Eligibility" Meetings..

Just found this in my inbox so paying it forward.. I very much trust the messenger so please do the same ASAP.. Listservs, address books, blogs, websites, wherever you know word will get to parents of children with disabilities (CWDs)..

Parents of Children with disAbilities – Please be INFORMED!

School Systems are calling supposed "eligibility" meetings for students with disAbilities!

These are not your normal forms or even regular IEP (Individual Education Plan) meetings!

The forms have only some of the diagnosis and only the good grades, the higher scores from psychologicals, then they ask the parent if they have their updated "medical" form, of course parents don't have these "medical" forms updated. The school can then determine the student is no longer eligible for Special Education!

If the parent doesn't agree – all the educators sign agreeing and then the parent has to go to court if they disagree. Be careful too, because they can actually have these meeting without parents and then send the parent the addendum to the IEP.

Monday, April 23, 2007

Will work for 'puter parts..

More specifically, server parts.. Events of late along with a couple of days sweatin' it out on the ol' '98 say it's time..

Been thinking on it for a long, long time.. Playing with Apache, Perl, and PHP along with Cygwin.. Would love to go all open source, but maybe next time..

Ever want to learn yourself some serious patience..? With today's bloated websites in mind, take that '98 and toss in a 166 processor to boot.. No pun (necessarily) intended.. ;)

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Georgia :: Special Education Online Petition..

For those who are looking for inspiration as to wording for their own Special Education concerns these days, got a feeling the parents in Georgia covered a base or two of interest here.. :GRIN:

Through the wording of their Educate Georgia! online petition, these parents show they are very serious about where they want the education of their children with disabilities (CWDs) to go henceforth..

PS.. Pay no attention to the referenced deadline date at the bottom.. This petition is being actively forwarded across Georgia disability listservs as of this very moment..

Please pay it forward..

NOTE: If, at first glance, you do not see the following verbage on the petition, scroll down below the signatures and it should then be fully visible..

Educate Georgia!..

Educate Georgia! We, the Undersigned, endorse the following petition:

Don't stay the course in Education!

Parents want change in Georgia's Education System!

We need the help of Georgia Leaders to help Georgia's Children with Special Needs obtain an equal education!

Recently, Georgia Dept. of Education, Exceptional Children's Division proposed changes to the Special Education Rules & Regulations for 2007. It is our opinion, that many of the proposed changes will negatively impact the education of Children with Special Needs and our communities in Georgia.

We, the Parents of Children with Special Needs and concerned Public Citizens want our "voices" heard:

No! to the proposed 2007 changes to the Rules and Regulations for Children with Special Needs in Georgia, as the public and parents have not been given the opportunity to review the changes, nor included in the decision making process of the proposed changes.

Parents need to be informed, and included in all decisions regarding providing an appropriate and identifying the "unmet" and "unique" needs of their Children with Special Needs.

Georgia's School Systems must recognize that Parents are the "experts" on the "unique" needs of their Child with Special Needs.

Georgia's School Systems must not retaliate against Parents, Students or Advocates who assert their rights.

Georgia's School Systems must not retaliate against Educators, who express concern and request additional support and resources from Georgia‘s educational System to meet the needs of Children with Special Needs by providing Free Appropriate Public Education.

Georgia's School System must not retaliate against Home schooling Parents, who request and need services for their Children with Special Needs.

Georgia's public school teachers will not conduct comprehensive evaluations for children with special needs and assessments unless they hold the required training, qualifications and licensures to administer such an evaluative tool.

Georgia's school systems will recognize Georgia's licensed medical professionals as "experts" in disabilities that negatively impact education.

Georgia School systems will not diagnose disorders they are not qualified or trained to identify, as disorders are a part of the Diagnostic Statistical Manual, used by Medical Practioners.

ALL of Georgia's children with special needs will be provided an education in the least restrictive environment possible upon entering the public school system.

Georgia's school system must not place or change a child's placement to a more restrictive environment prior to providing the maximum support for the child to benefit unless it is the parent's expressed agreement or request.

Placement decisions and recommendations for Georgia's children will follow a sequence of "least to most " and provide the maximum support necessary for the child to benefit in the environment.

Georgia's school systems will implement a Positive Behavior Plan for ALL children (including children with autism and emotional behavior disorders) with behavioral special needs prior to recommend a placement other than the least restrictive environment.

Georgia's school system will not implement or modify Behavior intervention plans without the notification, consent, and participation of parents of children with special needs.

Georgia's Educational System will not ADD the category of children with Autism to the eligibility requirements served in Psychoeducational Centers.

Georgia's Educational System will rule out Autism, before labeling a child with an Emotional Behavior Disorder.

Georgia's children with special needs will not be placed in Psychoeducational centers without required and specific documentation and diagnosis provided by a medical physician and the expressed agreement and consent of the child's parents.

Parents will be entitled to an Independant Educational Evaluation and will not be threatened with Due Proccess in order to avoid providing a child with a second opinion.

Georgia's Children must not be placed in any program without the express permission of their parents.

Georgia's Parent input regarding the "unique" needs of their Child with Special Needs "must" be "seriously" considered and "added" to the IEP.

Georgia's School Systems must take "accurate" minutes and the minutes shall not become a part of the IEP until the Parent has the opportunity to review the minutes and agree they are correct.

Georgia's School System staff are not permitted to alter IEP documentation in student files, without parental consent and notification.

Georgia's School Systems must not violate the right to Privacy under HIPPA of Children with Special Needs or their Parents and Advocates.

Georgia's Children with Special Needs that are home schooled must have the same opportunity to the needed services as any other Child with Special Needs in the schools jurisdiction.

Georgia's School Systems must inform parents of their rights to Early Resolution of their complaints.

Georgia's Children with Special Needs must include in ALL programs, just as their non-disabled peers, and will be provided the necessary support to enjoy the same privileges and benefits of children without special needs. This includes Band, PE, lunch, art, music, school sports, plays, school dances, school events (dances, ceremonies, award programs, recitals, plays, concerts, and "field day") and any other activity a Child with Special Needs has the right to participate in.

Georgia's School Systems will not suspend or expel a Child prior to providing the maximum support required including, but not limited to a "positive" Behavior Intervention first. Georgia's Education Monitoring will be performed by unbiased individuals, not chosen by the school system staff.

Georgia's State Advisory Panel will be comprised of a majority of parents of children with special needs or individuals with disabilities that are not employed nor have benefit from Georgia's Educational System.

Georgia Department of Education will not be responsible for choosing the members of the State Advisory Panel, as the State Advisory Panel serves as an advisory board to the Georgia Department of Education. If Georgia Dept. of Education makes the decision as to the members on the panel, this may lead to choosing only persons that agree with the Georgia Department of Education to be placed on the panel. Limiting and restricting the public and the participation of Parents of Children with Special Needs that are not employed nor have financial gain from Georgia's Educational System.

Georgia's School Systems will not pursue Compulsory Attendance/Truancy or other legal matters in retaliation when provided with a signed medical excuse from school by a licensed medical practitioner.

Georgia's school system must not lower the standards and expectations to grade level when the student's abilities exceed grade level.

Georgia's school system will not use restraints or any or methods of humiliation not used with the without written and expressed consent and agreement with the parent of the child with special needs.

Georgia's school system staff will not retaliate against parents of children with special needs or advocates by slandering or portraying them in a negative manner to other school system staff and or educational leaders.

Georgia's school systems will provide parents of children with special needs adequate and proper PRIOR WRITTEN NOTICE as required by Federal law within 10 days of a parent's written request.

Georgia's school systems do not have the authority to disagree with a medical doctor's diagnosis or deny meeting the needs of any child with special needs that affects their education, unless the school System has a licensed medical physician on staff and parents written agreement to do so.

Georgia's educational system must not intimidate teachers, or provide them erroneous and inaccurate information about the rights of children with special needs and their parents. Georgia's educational system must provide teachers with the necessary support needed for children with special needs to be provided access to an education in the least restrictive environment.

This list is not inclusive of all the proposed resolutions, as the DOE has not given the public ample due notice, nor time to the public citizens or Parents of Children with Special Needs Notice time to review all the proposed changes for 2007.

The Georgia DOE Division of Exceptional Students has not highlighted all the proposed changes, in order for us to review and comment on the proposed changes.

We first need to inform our Leaders of our concerns:

Many Children with Special Needs across the state of Georgia are not receiving a Free Appropriate Public Education. There are over 190,000 Children with Special Needs served with an IEP in Georgia, Adequately Yearly Progress (AYP) of No Child Left Behind (NCLB) only accounts for 60% (114,000) of Children with Special Needs in Georgia. Only 32% of Children with Special Needs graduate with a "regular" diploma. The drop out rate for Children with Special Needs "increased" in 2005-2006. Children with Special Needs deserve an equal education, high standards and the opportunity to achieve according to "their abilities". Children with Special Needs should make the same amount of progress as any other child if they are able to. Don't set limits on our Children with Special Needs; they too have gifts to contribute to society.

Have rising expectations for our most vulnerable children, and give them the same opportunity as their non disabled peers to become productive and respected citizens in our schools, communities and society.

As tax payers it us our RIGHT to be involved and participate in partnership with school systems involving our children's education, as an EQUAL team member. Our input has VALUE, as parents, and Georgia's educational system must not have the authority to make decisions about children with special needs without agreement from parents and guardians.

NOW is the TIME to UNITE our VOICES and STAND for the RIGHTS of our children, and send a message to our leaders that NO! We do not agree with Georgia's proposed changes to the rules and regulations that will negatively impact nearly 200,000 students with special needs throughout Georgia. Parent involvement and collaboration is absolutely necessary for Georgia to repair it's broken educational system and ensure NO CHILD IS LEFT BEHIND. It is the hope that the results of this petition will reach those who lead Georgia by validating the concerns and voice of Georgia's Parents of Children with Special Needs and Concerned Public Citizens. Those who sign also hope to inspire compassion in our Leaders to work toward resolution of the Education crisis that has compromised and negatively affected the lives and future of our most vulnerable:

Georgia's Children with Special Needs in our communities.

The deadline for this petition is January 19, 2006.

Let's work together and make our concerns known to our Leaders.

There are many that care about the plight of Georgia's Children with Special Needs: Parents, Educators, and Leaders alike. The information on this Petition, especially the comments, will help our Leaders understand the day-to-day challenges facing Georgia's Children with Special Needs, their families and educators. Please sign and pass this Petition along to others.

You can make a difference! This Petition will be presented to our Leaders and you will have played a part in improving the lives and education of Children with Special Needs, their families and strengthening Georgia's communities by helping to develop a better Education System to meet the "unmet" needs of Children with Special Needs.

Join the Educate Georgia Campaign! in order to change and improve the course of education in Georgia!

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Friday, April 20, 2007

CMHS :: SAMHSA Launches Web Resources to Assist in Post-Virginia Tech Tragedy..

This type of information is always wide open applicable to an undeterminable number of circumstances beyond just that for which it is enscribed.. Please pay it forward..

CMHS :: Consumer Affairs E-News April 20, 2007 Vol. 07-69
SAMHSA Launches Web Resources to Assist in Post-Virginia Tech Tragedy

SAMHSA (Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration) is making available several web-based resources to assist in the aftermath of the tragic shootings at Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University:

  • Understanding Mental Illness - After the Virginia Tech Tragedy - a collection of resources and informational materials to build better public understanding about mental health problems. This includes fact sheets on the facts and myths of mental illnesses - including issues of violence, information on SAMHSA's National Anti-Stigma Campaign targeting young adults with the theme of "What a Difference a Friend Makes", real stories of people in recovery from mental illnesses, training materials to develop mentally healthy schools, and much more.
  • Coping with Traumatic Events - a series of resources on how to respond to a traumatic event including materials for responders/health professionals, students, schools, adults and families.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

In dreams, she dances :: Georgia's hospitals to get Federal investigation..

In reality, she's too pooped to barely walk down the hall, BUT that won't stop her from sharing the following..........

A breaking news announcement shared that Governor Sonny Perdue has been notified that the U.S. Justice Department's Civil Rights division is headed for Georgia to investigate our state's seven state-run mental health hospitals..

The rest of the story may be found at:

Justice Dept. to investigate Georgia's mental hospitals..
By Alan Judd, Andy Miller..
The Atlanta Journal-Constitution..
Published on: 2007-04-19

You're going to have to grab it quick because the AJC's articles go into archive very regularly.. Be forewarned that it takes a subscription to view many of their articles.. Perhaps this one they'll just let slide..

To Andy Miller and Alan Judd..

Haven't been able to say it enough since you all started the A Hidden Shame series of articles: You all ROCK..

Anyone else smell a Bouncing Baby Pulitzer in the air for these two..?

Told them back when those articles first started appearing, what is occurring in our state's hospitals is, no, goes beyond inexcusable.. It's unconscionable that, with all the cr#p that came out about our Highland Rivers' system here across the top of the state, Andy and Alan's series of articles is eerily like stepping back five years ago.. The stories are the same, the results are the same, the circumstances more similar than different..

Last time I, for one, sat in person and watch as the man in charge jested, joked as he announced at a press conference that they had been cleared of.. wrong-doing, of all accountability, I guess.. The system that directly cost people their Lives and others nearly theirs got away with it a few short years ago, managed to cover their tracks somehow.. Not this time, folks.. There will be justice for those who have no alternative but to turn to a system they in their Hearts believe is providing responsible Emergency Rooms for their Minds..

PS.. Hee-UGE THANK YOU slash CYBER HUG for the Atlanta Journal-Constitution editors for seeing the value of this story being "breaking news" worthy.. (Grin, that happened to be a gripe that I had stalling half-finished in the wings on my 'puter.. Welp, set that one to the side and keep moving steady forward from there..)

PPS.. Ok, so who's got the chutzpah, the ca(l)jones to go open information act on the Governor's Office and pull the handwritten note I left him Disability Day..

Talking about the note where I told him from the Heart that they have got to stop what is going on across the state in our community mental health care system as a whole, that they're churning out more desperate people every day they piddle along.. If you live in a community, you ARE touched by our state's community mental health care system because there is a ripple effect when those desperate people's Lives inevitably touch yours down the road.. Virginia Tech (VA Tech) very sadly has already realized the same..


Cross-posted at: Georgia Disability Advocates' Calendar..

So a funny thing happens on the way to the BBB Online website..

Still trying to resolve the issue where my former web hosting provider, iPowerWeb (BBB Online reliability report), refuses to quit abusing my various hard-earned virtual identities and instead continues to use my web positioning to sublimally redirect traffic to itself under the identity, VDeck..

Have now given iPowerWeb more than a week to comply with my, what had been to this date, anyway, "request" that they cease and desist abusing my very public self-identifying disability self-advocacy virtual identity for their own financial gain.. I play with a personal server such as it is (Windows 98, Cygwin, Apache, Perl, PHP).. I know how many flicks of a switch it takes to shut down a virtual domain..

Sooo, as promised privately to iPowerWeb, AND, again, after allowing ample time for human intervention, just took a trip over to Phoenix's BBB (Better Business Bureau website) as the first of several intended steps should this continue any further..

Four QUICK questions later and where do I find myself, at the Department of Justice's ADA website of all places.. Guess it was the "yes" answer to the "Did I feel this was violating my civil rights..?" question that unexpectedly flipped that particular switch on..

Oy, goodness.. Wanna come with..?

PS.. Beyond that they have the same person doing their billing and they exhibit the same physical address location, anyone have any idea of iPowerWeb's relationship to Startlogic, Inc (reliability report)..? Startlogic was the only thing I could initially get to come up is how it even came to mind to ask..

Tried using the search engine to see if there were any others listed at that same location and bearing same-named employees and/or contractos through BBB's site, but it kept coming back empty, completely empty even though other ways yielded the initial two companies.. Gotta love technology..

Notable is that it is easier to read into that these are not completely the same or immediately related as Startlogic's showing no unresolved issues while iPowerWeb, well, not so much.. Oh, and not to mention that Startlogic and its no unresolveds showing record ARE a BBB member, while, well, you guessed it.. Surprise, not.. :\

PPS.. Gotta give iPowerWeb that, as of last contact, they were trying to resolve this.. They keep saying, "Now that we've shafted you and your websites' visitors by shutting down your domain and thus subdomains, give us money, and we'll power it right on back up.."

I don't think so, and I've politely told them so.. No, ma'am, no way, not ever..

They had 100% go-ahead, they had payment in hand as the email that started all of this states explicitly.. The subject line says something along the lines of, "Your payment has been approved", and the body says something like, "We look forward to the next two years with you".. SOMETHING like that..

Still a little bit more to how this came about (next time), but, yup, it was THEIR Choice, not mine, to shut down my suicide survival tip website after explicitly stating payment had been received in full..

My traffic might have been a miniscule guppy in the big fish sea of sites, but those some 13,000 page turns meant something to someone out there.. I know they meant the World to me as they indicated Value and constantly encouraged digging deeper for more leads, more answers to mental health and disability advocacy out there on the World Wide Web.. That's why it feels so incredibly quite convenient they won't let it go so my identity belongs to me and me alone, not serving as a blatant potential direct lead into their bank account..

Huge cyber hugs to those who did come by to visit.. Whoever you all were, you always made my day.. Gave horrendous Life-garnered experiences some sense of explanation for their existence at the end of Day.. :)

Monday, April 16, 2007

One, two, three, like a bird I sing..

'Cause you've given me
The most beautiful set of wings..

Tim McGraw, Fly Away

Dedicated to all those who have come before us..

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Personal to Neal Boortz :: Meet your future, er, Don Imus..

First encountered this during.. a bit of a downer so it lay dormant in my inbox, just biding its time.. Hit me today that.. Timing is everything thanks to MSNBC's Don Imus and his recent racial slur debacle..

Not being able to process streaming media (probably most thankfully in this case), no idea what exactly was said on air by Neal Boortz during one of his regular shows.. You all will have to find out and tell me.. Neal's website offers a media stream version and a media download of Neal's apparent editorial on individuals with visual impairments (blind community) and the danger they face when encountering quiet hybrid cars..

Didn't have to hear the download, though, to get the gist of his projected contempt for persons with disabilities.. Number One of his two choice poll stated, "Neal's right...slap a strobe light helmet or a dayglo orange overcoat on those blind people"..

First thing came to mind then and continues to come to mind now is.. Mr. Boortz, you would not have said anything even remotely close had it had an ethnic twist to it.. You'd have lost your job, your livelihood because of the outcry..

But.. Obviously it remains, like, totally cool, fully acceptable by public standards to psychologically beat up on a PWD (person with a disability) because..

You're still employed and spuing your trash talk while Mr. Imus will no longer be just days after whatever it was he pulled in undeniably similar circumstances..

P.S.. Neal does prove that he doesn't discriminate in stereotypically portraying disabilities, mental illness in this next snippet.. The same time the above came out, his supporters were making teehees over him apparently getting away with some story about a "diaper-wearing crazy astronaut" (their quote, not mine).. Again, someone out there will have to hear it (streaming media, download) and share whether the "crazy" theme carried any further than attempted childish newsletter shock value as my 'puter's too slow to handle his cr#p right now..

P.P.S.. While we're at it, we need to put in a request to Mr. Boortz's webmaster.. Links to a text version of the above media streams were not readily available, accessible relational to those same streams at the time they were stumbled upon.. Without that type of alternative format being provided alongside the other, access is being denied to persons with hearing impairments, but, then one would be surprised, why..?

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

NCD :: Toll-free number for Atlanta Quarterly Meeting :: USE IT..!!

Never be afraid to ask, and, ye never know, ye may just shall receive.. ;)

A very personal "thank you" to Mark Quigley and the NCD (National Council on Disability) for hearing our Voices by providing more access to your upcoming Quarterly Meeting.. Things such as the following announced toll-free number provide another avenue for Disability Voices when Life, logistics, funding resources, et al(l) might otherwise prevent us from participating in providing feedback based on Life-garnered experiences..

Best wishes to All.. :)

Hello: Here is the toll-free number for people with disabilities who cannot attend the NCD Atlanta Quarterly Meeting but would like to take advantage of the three Public Comment sessions.

888-795-2173, passcode JVAUGHN

  • Monday, April 16, 2007 :: 10:00 a.m. AND 4:15 p.m.
  • Tuesday, April 17, 2006 :: 9:00 a.m.

Each person who would like to address NCD, whether on the phone or at the meeting, will have two minutes to present very brief comments. We will adhere to a strict time limit to give everyone a chance to address NCD during the Pubic Comment sessions.

People with disabilities may submit longer written comments to me if they are not able to adequately communicate their concerns in two minutes.

Thank you.

Mark Quigley

P.S. Agenda follows:

Crowne Plaza Atlanta Buckhead
Atlanta, Georgia

Meeting Agenda
John R. Vaughn, Presiding

  • MONDAY, APRIL 16, 2007
    • 10:00 a.m. – 12:30 p.m.
      • Call to Order :: Acceptance of Agenda :: John R. Vaughn, Chairperson
      • (Action item, Vote)
      • Approval of Minutes :: John R. Vaughn
      • (Action item, Vote)
      • Chairperson’s Welcome :: John R. Vaughn
      • Public Comment Session :: Pat Pound, Vice Chairperson
      • Council Members’ Reports :: John R. Vaughn
      • Finance Committee Report :: Chad Colley, Committee Chair
    • 12:30 p.m. – 2:00 p.m. :: Lunch
    • 2:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m.
      • Livable Communities/Best Practices Panel :: Lisa Mattheis, Member
      • (Question and Answer Period)
    • 4:15 p.m. – 5:00 p.m.
      • Public Comment Session :: Pat Pound
      • Adjournment
      • (Action item, Vote)
    • 5:00 p.m. – 6:30 p.m.
      • NCD Disability Community Reception
  • Tuesday, April 17, 2007
    • 9:00 a.m. – 12:30 p.m.
      • Public Comment Session :: Pat Pound
      • Acting Co-Executive Director’s Report :: Mark Quigley
      • Legislative Update :: Mark Seifarth, Staff
      • Team and Advisory Committee Reports
        • A. ADA Team :: TBD, Team Member :: (Julie Carroll, Staff)
        • B. Employment Team :: Linda Wetters, Team Chair
        • C. Financial Incentives Team :: Marco Rodriguez, Team Chair :: (Gerrie Hawkins, Ph.D., Staff)
        • D. Progress Report Team :: TBD, Team Member :: (Jeff Rosen, Staff)
        • E. Educational Outcomes Team :: Pat Pound, Team Chair :: (Martin Gould, Ed.D., Staff)
        • F. Disability Data and Statistics Team :: Pat Pound, Team Member :: (Martin Gould)
        • G. Health Care Team :: TBD, Team Chair :: (Julie Carroll, Staff)
        • H. Youth Advisory Committee :: Marco Rodriguez, Committee Liaison :: (Gerrie Hawkins)
        • I. Cultural Diversity Advisory Committee :: Milton Aponte, J.D., Committee Liaison :: (Gerrie Hawkins)
        • J. International Watch :: Kathy Martinez, Committee Liaison :: (Joan Durocher, Staff)
    • 12:30 – 2:00 p.m. :: Lunch
    • 2:00 – 3:30pm
      • Emergency Preparedness Panel :: Graham Hill, Member
      • (Question and Answer Period)
    • 3:30 p.m. – 4:00 p.m.
      • Unfinished Business :: John R. Vaughn
      • New Business :: John R. Vaughn
      • Announcements :: John R. Vaughn
    • 4:00 p.m. – 5:00 p.m.
      • Closed Executive Session
      • Adjournment
      • (Action item, vote)

National contact information for Mark S. Quigley

Director of Communications
National Council on Disability
1331 F Street, NW Suite 850
Washington, DC 20004

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

PUBLIC NOTICE to Request for an immediate cease and desist..

To whom it may concern at, interchangeable with "VDeck"..

As privately forwarded to your attention very early this A.M., this is my promised public notice of intent to pursue legal channels of cease and desist against your company regarding your use of my publicly established identity of (but not necessarily limited to):

  •, otherwise recognized as Butterfly Bytes, Web Design by Cindy Sue
  •, otherwise recognized as Georgia Disability Advocates' Calendar
  •, otherwise recognized as Six. Almost Seven.. A [psychiatric survivor] advocates for change..
  •, otherwise known as Country Country Club, Family-operated sports bar and grill

How important do I consider this request for a cease and desist of your current (mis)use of my sweat and tear established cyber identit(y/ies)..? Three words, the three very simple words of "Six", "Almost", and "Seven" from the English language, when entered into the widely recognized search engine, Google, ranked Numbers Two and Three of 29 million plus returned possible outcomes just this very second.. THAT'S how important this is to me..

Six. Almost Seven.. was just beginning to find its speed in the world of mental health and disability advocacy.. Sitting in my inbox currently are several "thank yous" from individuals who have found my Life-experience garnered leads to self-advocacy and support beneficial.. We are talking about individuals who are themselves or who have family members or friends experiencing some level of suicide related crisis and/or suicide survival.. This is very, very personal on any number of levels..

Because you have chosen the path you did with respect to my account with your company (related correspondence to be posted within later, including the original final timely email from me stating all was hunky-dory, was cool, was covered by a financial supporter with respect to your "lightly-announced", ill-timed deduction from an assoicated bank account), you are now using MY self-identity(ies) of Six. Almost Seven.., Georgia Disability Advocates' Calendar, and Butterfly Bytes, Web Design by Cindy Sue along with my friend's brand newly established cyber identity of Cadillac County Club to redirect to your sole benefit.. MY cyber identities, the ones that have taken nearly ten years to create and establish, are now being used by you to your monetary benefit..

To that end, and as was first brought to your attention a reasonable eight business hours ago, you are officially notified of my request for you to cease and desist using my cyber identities to your monetary benefit now..

Thanking you in advance for your full cooperation in this very serious matter..

As stated earlier in my private correspondence to you, best wishes in your future business endeavors..


Cindy Sue Causey
Talking Rock, Georgia

Ref: Butterfly Bytes
Six. Almost Seven..
Georgia Disability Advocates' Calendar
Cadillac Country Club

Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) Blue Ribbon Camapaign :: Free Speech Online..

Monday, April 9, 2007

Speaking of kind, unselfish acts.. :))

Accidentally just now found out my main website and all the attached sub-domains went down for the count in the last few days.. Former webhost, iPowerweb, apparently is not interested in our business so will be a couple of days before I can be back up and running.. Already had a new favorite chomping at the bit, but if you know of GOOD, reasonable webhosting services that know how to communicate with their clients, I'm all ears. :P

In the meantime, Google does a wonderful job of keeping cached copies of websites for a short period of time should you need anything from my websites.. THANK YOU, Google..

To friends I've just recently brought up exactly this kind of thing in the last week or so, the Internet has brought us an awesome tool to use for advocating and self-advocating for persons with disabilities.. BUT, for those of us who deal in topics more critical in nature, for example suicide survival as Life chose for these fingertips, today's Technology can definitely provide a double-edged sword when there is a glitch, regardless of how the glitch occurs..

Everyone be safe out there, and don't forget, Google caches.. A perfect reminder we need to never let up steam on finding ways to make sure we are all completely independent of others as Time continues forward..

Warm cyber hugs to all.. :)

P.S. Speaking of being shut down with absolutely no warning, think, hear, recognize, read all about the, at first glance, seemingly very geekette phrase of Net neutrality.. Get involved to make sure it stays our Reality..

Bear in mind that, with a flick of a virtual switch by someone who does not agree with our subject matter, our content, there always stands that chance that our Voices can be snuffed out instantly like a Light.. The more radical your point of view being voiced on the Net, bet your bottom circuit that your topic moves closer to the top of the list to be censored should they ever figure out a way to do so legally..

Stay informed.. Stay involved.. Help guarantee Net neutraliy becomes one less battle we need to confront each day.. ;)

Saturday, April 7, 2007

"Pay It Forward"..

One kind, unselfish act can help change the direction of another's Life forever..

Calling all Angels........