Monday, April 14, 2008

*OH, NO..!* Say It Ain't So..! My Ta-Da List Was, Gasp, *INACCESSIBLE*.. :blush:

Many, many thanks to "B" for very kindly contacting me just now..

In the few short weeks since I've had a 'puter back underneath these fingertips, I've been smoking the Net in search of MORE INFO along with ways to creatively share what passes through my inbox each and every day.. To that end, one of the things I created was a very quickly put together Ta-Da List of personally-garnered suggestions geared towards a beginner getting involved in disability self-advocacy..

"B" just typed a few minutes ago and said that my list required a login to the system to access.. That's totally cool if it's the hosting site's policy.. Was probably somewhere in the TOS (terms of service) for all I know.. Had tested the link, but, alack and aluck, I was most likely still logged in with active cookies so of course the link will work for me with no request for login information.. Duh.. :grin:

But... The thing is that the login for access policy's just not mine.. The days when every single second counted towards my Life survival are still too, too very fresh in Mind to not know what it is like to keep hitting road bumps of any size in one's own quest for information and answers..


Special for you, "B", and anyone else who unsuccessfully tried to access my very humble advocacy list, here it is below in its still new, forever draft form..

Cyber hugs from Talking Rock..

Disability Advocacy :: Get Involved..!

Nothing about us without us.. The *CHOICE* is *YOURS*..!
List Created By ::

United In Advocacy..!


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