Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Little Red Car Go "Foom"..!

If it rains when it pours, I've been wading it out in a bleeping monsoon the last few years.......

The latest adventure came right in the middle of things ALMOST looking, feeling for a nanosecond like they might go on an upswing.. Had just finished making a deposit from funds a friend had given me and was two seconds out of the Regions Bank there in Jasper, 'twixt and 'tween CVS Pharmacy and the Marathon gas station..

Was headed over here to the library to complete a transaction I had started then try to keep that feel of a Life-oriented upswing in (forward) motion.. Next thing I know..........

Little Red Car goes..


And stops dead in her tracks right there on the street with 4:00pm traffic looming large in the near future.. A kindly Jasper Police Department officer along with a stranger I never got to thank helped push her out of the way, and R&R Towing completed the task of getting her safely home..

The $2.95 question of the day is..............

Now what.....................?????

Cyber hugs..

Posted in recent memory of :: Big Tree Go BOOM.. :giggle:

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

GovExec.gov :: EEOC commissioner pushes hiring of people with disabilities..

In amongst the bazillion other newest emails in my inbox this evening, especially with some much sadder messages lurking, waiting, very cool to find the following highlighted by SSA.gov.....

EEOC commissioner pushes hiring of people with disabilities..
By Alyssa Rosenberg, Government Executive, December 10, 2007..

Notably to these fingertips was "Concerned Employee" who commented expressing an observation of the lack of general accessibility.. Could be interesting to watch over Time..

Doubly cool from here was finding Government Executive as a new resource website to keep an eye out for.. Oh, whoops, and also cited in the article was....

CAP, Computer/Electronic Accommodations Program, a Department of Defense (DoD) interest website (translation: NO funny business while you're visiting :grin: )..

Incredibly interesting over at the CAP website is their own highlighted story, CAP Spotlight: Schedule A, which in part states..

In the Federal government, the number of employees with disabilities is steadily declining.

Kicking back here totally loving the irony......... :wink:

Cyber hugs..

PS.. Shoutout to Gmail.. Would LOVE to share my Gmail seriously successful story with you (in reference to the teaser at the top of every inbox page now), but, alack and alas, no video capabilities so your fun online activity is....

Not accessible...... Any alternatives available..? :grin:

For the Record, basically my Gmail seriously successful story goes something like this.....

796 MB of email and counting..

WITH CONSTANT DELETION as quickly and often as possible..

Before these fingertips opted in for your second round beta program way back when, I was having to split the same level of information between multiple, multiple... GASP... 10 MB accounts.. :giggle:

Sunday, December 9, 2007

How to Tell if Someone is In Touch with Walking In Your Shoes..

For one thing, politician or not, you won't find them documented anywhere as wearing an $8,500 Oscar de la Renta dress to hobnob with stars at some posh-posh fancy affair while you're living on, oh, say, 10cent/package ramen noodles boiled along with 25cent helpings of hotdogs (two dogs) on your single burner..

Here's a hint :: It's not not First Lady Mrs. Laura Bush......

Repeat after these fingertips:

Election 2008, Election 2008..!
Feel The Power of The disAbility VOTE..!


Cyber hugs with an extra hug out to Allen L Roland whose latest post inspired, spirred the above..

Mother Jones :: Schlock and Awwww: Commercializing Altruism..

Excellent observation from Jon Mooallem over at Mother Jones entitled......

Schlock and Awwww: Commercializing Altruism..

Been intending for ages to post that, especially with all the hype that will be given to Super Bowl commercials very soon, how grand it would be if advertiser marketing campaigns went 180 on the gabillions of dollars spent on their commercials by going extremely simplistic then openly expressing that dollars once frivously spent on garish commercials were now going to philanthropic efforts in local communities..

Freedom of Speech existing as it so grandly does, though, there would be a guaranteed adverse effect on some level.. Takes little imagination to envision the organized consumer-driven campaigns that would erupt demanding advertisers stop patronizing some given [non-profit] or consumer dollars would be diverted to competitors immediately.. :sigh:

Back to reflecting on Jon's cool observation of Extreme Makeover: Home Edition.. My own take comes from walking in these Shoes: I know what the temperature was inside my house last winter and got a pretty dadgum good clue what it will be again this year..

And then I cry for all those whose Shoes are even more worn than Mine for they will never see the likes of the Ty Penningtons of the World and instead will rely on the Human Kindness within their local communities to offer them a hand back up as productive members of Society..

It can happen.. It does every day.. It begins with extremely unselfish, proactive disclosures of Life-affecting, Life-altering, Life-saving information.. No better Time than the Present.. :wink:

Soggy cyber hugs from my favorite local L with an extra special one going out to Jon..

Thursday, December 6, 2007

One *Full* 1984 National Autism Week Coke Bottle Going Fast..!

Just checked the Internet briefly with a fairly wide keyword choice, and, out of all the gabillions of pages out there these days, just now got a whopping 60 webpage results returned on....

1984 "National Autism Week"..


If anyone is interested in a previously-loved (translation: shows some smudging on the label and slight scratches on the cap) unopened Coke bottle that bears the following:

  • 1984 National Autism Week, December 10-16
  • Honorary Chairman, Steve Lundquist, 1984 Olympic Gold Medalist
  • North Georgia Chapter, The National Society for Children and Adults with Autism

I have one available for a price..

Will swap for one usable older sitting-in-the-back-of-your-closet computer (just the PC part, I have the rest) that will be used as always to continue our combined disability advocacy efforts..

Cyber hugs..

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

IKEA Television Advertising :: My Imagination or are they Humorizing Homelessness..?

My Kingdomette for a few moments with someone owning Tivo..

Lots of really weird dreams last night so I was up early this morning.. Was watching TNT's reruns of Angel.. Somewhere between 6:00am and 8:00am..

THINK it was the same IKEA commercial that ran twice.. The second time I was paying more attention.. The commercial was featuring a few different times of living abodes, the three or so with delightful words like "peaceful", I think it was, used to describe a houseboat, for example.. Since I've always thought of houseboats as divine, they sucked me right in..


The next thing I know, I swear to all that is I was seeing a picture of a homeless person's cardboard lean-to complete with the sound effect of buzzing fly or flies while the narrator was saying something to the effect of, "Wherever you live, IKEA has what you need.."

Again, nope, definitely not exactly what the narrator was saying, but hopefully it paints the pic of where my Mind grasp they went with it..

With untold numbers of the homeless population having one or more disabilities, this was once again (dis)ablism at its finest.. There is no way in H-e-double-toothpicks you would ever see them doing ANYTHING similar with respect to ethnicities for example, but, by golly, someone who has no place to Live is fair game and fodder for fun and advertising antics...........

Cyber hugs..

PS.. In trying to see if I did saw what I seen, I tried a quick Internet search and came across a "contest" entry that was entitled "ikea instructions for the homeless"..

Double PS.. NOPE.. It was NOT my imagination.. Over at Adtunes.com, they're discussing the commercial and mention exactly what I saw:

Adtunes.com Forum: IKEA Commercial..

Yup, a multi-million, if not multi-billion dollar company is advertising their products by humorizing the homelessness of untold numbers of persons.. Their advertising marketing gurus along with whatever corporate figures who approved the commercial for distribution need.. a little feedback on that particular piece of work if'n anyone was of a mind to..... :hint, hint:

Boston Globe :: AAAAHHH.. *WHAT* (nursing home) list..?

Absolute hit-n-run post this evening.. Caught my eye at the top of my Gmail screen just now.. A news lead that was feeding off of goodness only knows what in my inbox......

From the Boston Globe....

Pressure is on 2 cited nursing homes: US lists facilities for deficient care..
By Alice Dembner, Globe Staff
November 30, 2007

Ok, maybe it's just cognitively I'm definitely not "receiving" information this evening, but I can't for the Life of me see a name for the nursing homes list being referenced.. Even a search of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services' website as they resourced at the bottom of the article isn't right away getting these fingertips anywhere..

Off to give it another shot, then.. I know..! Time for another visit over to Steve Gold's Treasured Nuggets of Information website, SteveGoldADA.com.. :wink:

Cyber hugs..

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Shoutout to the LINK :: Did you all know you've been "Portfolio'd"..?

Check it out:

Condé Nast Portfolio.com's Top Company Profiles :: disABILITY LINK..

Kewl, ay..?

Cyber hugs.. :wink: