Tuesday, December 4, 2007

IKEA Television Advertising :: My Imagination or are they Humorizing Homelessness..?

My Kingdomette for a few moments with someone owning Tivo..

Lots of really weird dreams last night so I was up early this morning.. Was watching TNT's reruns of Angel.. Somewhere between 6:00am and 8:00am..

THINK it was the same IKEA commercial that ran twice.. The second time I was paying more attention.. The commercial was featuring a few different times of living abodes, the three or so with delightful words like "peaceful", I think it was, used to describe a houseboat, for example.. Since I've always thought of houseboats as divine, they sucked me right in..


The next thing I know, I swear to all that is I was seeing a picture of a homeless person's cardboard lean-to complete with the sound effect of buzzing fly or flies while the narrator was saying something to the effect of, "Wherever you live, IKEA has what you need.."

Again, nope, definitely not exactly what the narrator was saying, but hopefully it paints the pic of where my Mind grasp they went with it..

With untold numbers of the homeless population having one or more disabilities, this was once again (dis)ablism at its finest.. There is no way in H-e-double-toothpicks you would ever see them doing ANYTHING similar with respect to ethnicities for example, but, by golly, someone who has no place to Live is fair game and fodder for fun and advertising antics...........

Cyber hugs..

PS.. In trying to see if I did saw what I seen, I tried a quick Internet search and came across a "contest" entry that was entitled "ikea instructions for the homeless"..

Double PS.. NOPE.. It was NOT my imagination.. Over at Adtunes.com, they're discussing the commercial and mention exactly what I saw:

Adtunes.com Forum: IKEA Commercial..

Yup, a multi-million, if not multi-billion dollar company is advertising their products by humorizing the homelessness of untold numbers of persons.. Their advertising marketing gurus along with whatever corporate figures who approved the commercial for distribution need.. a little feedback on that particular piece of work if'n anyone was of a mind to..... :hint, hint:

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Cindy Sue Causey said...

Your comment caught me offguard.. Thank you sincerely for it.. Is honestly like you read my Mind of late.. :)

Having time to ponder "spontaneous" thoughts before posting helps.. An acquaintance who rides the local MATS transit I use just offered an old retired computer of theirs.. In anticipation of the new decade of thinking out loud, am hoping once again having at-the-ready Net access back at the house will help up the resource value and take some edge off the admitted, albeit from the Heart, snark.. :grin:

Thank you so much again.. Warmest wishes in your own Internet travels..