Friday, June 22, 2007

Happy Olmstead decision Day :: Who makes your Choices..?

Running late as always so this is a.. quickie..

On this, the 8th anniversary of Olmstead decision, a few very simple questions to ponder as a tiny exercise in putting the inclusive living movement into perspective:

  • Who decides what clothes you are going to wear each day..?
  • Who decides how you will spend your money..?
  • Who decides what time you will get up in the morning..?
  • Who decides when you eat throughout the day..?
  • Who decides what you will eat throughout the day..?
  • Who decides when you will use the restroom..?
  • Who decides when you will shower and how often..?
  • Who decides when you will go to bed..?
  • Who decides when you are going to brush your teeth each day..?

Like I said, just a few.. Seems silly, but these were the very real kinds of questions we were asked during our peer support training and pilot project participation last year.. There's a reason we were asked them.. It was because every day across our great country, the Land of the Free, there are thousands upon thousands incarcerated in long term care centers who are not allowed, not allowed to make these very basic Life-related decisions, Choices for themselves.. The Time is Yesterday to help bump up our efforts on all fronts to get these people out of "Jail"..

Cyber hugs..

PS.. Atlanta, here we come..

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Dear Dr. Jack Kevorkian aka Dr. Uncouth :: Cripples..?

If the reported stories are actually indeed true and you did indeed use some variant of the word "cripple" under any circumstances to address my Not Dead Yet friends, you are, for lack of a better word this moment, a racist.. Your use of that word at all, let alone under the specific circumstances in which you did is inexcusable.. It is no different than had you publicly uttered a racial epithet, an ethnic slur..

As far as these fingertips are concerned, you, my dear sir, are guilty of a public hate crime.. Ok, so you appear at least recorded as most definitely guilty of public hate speech.. Regardless of the semantics, as far as these fingertips are additionally concerned, those who financially endow you under any circumstances are, by association, likewise guilty of supporting the same.

May the Peace be with you..

Updated 4:05am Dawned on me as fast as I posted yet again, ableism was likely the term that would best befit your behavior..

Sexism.. Racism.. Ableism..

Friday, June 8, 2007

Not Dead Yet :: Testimony to House of Representatives on Assisted Suicide..

A must read from Not Dead Yet if you truly believe in hearing all sides of the story: April 29, 1996, Testimony Before the Constitution Subcommittee of the Judiciary Committee of the U.S. House of Representatives..

Just spent the better part of several hours writing and rewriting thoughts on, among other things, a potential scientific study regarding the whoosy-whats-its of how people are swaying on the topic of assisted suicide slash euthanasia.. Then it crossed my Mind, "Need to check the Internet to see what may have been done recently.." Duh.

Seconds into the search, there's Georgia Right To Life front and center with a nice long page from this side of the assisted suicide slash euthanasia debate.. Really like the following from them (that may also be from elsewhere, btw):


What would this thinking say about our attitude as a society? On the one hand, we tell those who have neither terminal illness nor a disability, "You say you want to be killed, but what you really need is counseling and assistance." On the other hand, we tell those with disabilities, "We understand why you want to be killed, and we'll let a doctor kill you"? It would certainly not mean that we were respecting the "choice" of a person with the disability. Instead, we would be discriminatorily denying suicide counseling on the basis of disability. We would be saying to the non-disabled person, "We care too much about you to let you throw you life away." To the person with the disability we would be saying, "We agree that life with a disability is not worth living."

Most people with disabilities will tell you that it is not so much their physical or mental impairment itself that makes their lives difficult, as it is the conduct of the non-disabled majority toward them. Denial of access, discrimination in employment, and an attitude of aversion or pity instead of respect are what make life intolerable. True respect for the rights of people with disabilities would dictate action to remove those obstacles, not "help" in committing suicide.

A large part of what I was working through in my original post went something very much like the following from the testimony in front of the House of Representatives:

But, particularly in the absence of a constitutional right to physician care, a right to physician-assisted suicide is not the answer. While a few may have all the options that money can buy and choose the final solution with complete understanding and freedom, the majority who are offered this option are people that society is all too ready to abandon as too costly and unproductive- -people who can only depend on the protection of the law. The depth and breadth of this abandonment is only understood by those who live it everyday.

Testimony talking points that you must PLEASE keep in mind as this continues to pick up speed over the next little while:

  1. People with disabilities do not have adequate protection from either the courts or disability organizations.
  2. People with disabilities and incurable chronic diseases have experienced a long history of persecution and genocide.
  3. Assisted suicide will not remain confined to the imminently dying.
  4. Assisted suicide enthusiasts have reinforced public prejudice and fear regarding disability.
  5. As long as people with disabilities are disenfranchised and treated as unwelcome and costly burdens on society, assisted suicide is forced "choice."
  6. The great majority of problems that lead people with disabilities, chronic conditions, and even terminal illnesses to seek hastened deaths are remediable through other means, such as assisted independent living outside of nursing homes, sophisticated pain management, death counseling for individuals and families, augmentative communication technology, hospice support, etc.
  7. Physicians must not be given the power to decide who lives and who is escorted to death.
  8. The 2nd Circuit Court decision illustrates the logic that propels us down the slippery slope to endangerment.
  9. In fact, people with disabilities have already been endangered by relaxation of laws and policies protecting their lives.
  10. Many proponents of physician-assisted suicide have expressed the belief that adequate safeguards can be adopted to protect vulnerable people from various forms of pressure and abuse if the practice is legalized in conformance with the 2nd and 9th Circuit court opinions.
  11. Assisted suicide is discriminatory. As a policy, it singles out ill and disabled people as fitting subjects for dying.
  12. Assisted suicide is classist. Author's Note: I said big, bad words just now as I saw this one.. This was exactly where I was coming from in my two-hours of work earlier.. EXACTLY.. Had to do with a quick one-line comment I left over at The Liberty Papers.. Calling the similarities "eery" is putting it mildly.
  13. There is virtually no research on suicide and suicidal wishes in people with disabilities.
  14. People with disabilities and incurable illnesses deserve the same social supports and commitment to suicide intervention as any other citizen.
  15. Women with disabilities will be particularly endangered by the legalization of assisted suicide.
  16. People with disabilities in our country are increasingly caught in a perilous bind.

There is substantial elaboration regarding each talking point, again, there at Not Dead Yet's website..

Going out on this note, which is what brought me to the above (and that I haven't tracked back to the original just yet):

Specifically, according to a Dutch governmental report in 1990, 5,941 persons were given lethal injections without consent. Of those, 1,474 were fully competent, according to their physicians.

Sweet, peaceful dreams..

Thursday, June 7, 2007

Celebrity Privilege :: Paris Hilton released from jail already..

Just now got a Yahoo! news alert saying that Paris Hilton has already been released from a Los Angeles County jail.. And I'm genuinely surprised, WHY..?

Saw a piece about her whining on some wee hours entertainment program just a few hours ago.. Never crossed my mind she'd get away with it..

Celebrity privilege.. Unbelievable dadgum nauseating celebrity privilege..


Oh, yeah, PS forgot to mention that, bless her little heart, she will be confined to her home, i.e. her mansion.. Advocacy op in the form of a discrimination lawsuit for anyone who does not receive the exact same treatment forever more into the Future..

PPS.. If Paris sincerely had Life-affecting mental health issues concerning her incarceration, does not the Los Angeles County jail system have responsible mental health care services upon demand in place at this time..? Are jail systems in this day and age still so dehumanized they do not get that facing one's wrongs in a cold, hard jail cell does a little something to even the very strongest of Minds..?

A personal observation slash prediction: Documented triple digits die here in Georgia under very questionable, DOJ-intervening circumstances, and nothing hits the biased media circuits save for the generous front page coverage the Atlanta Journal-Constitution (AJC) has consciously elected to regularly provide.. Yet let a rich, whiny brat celebrity worm her way out of a judicially issued jail sentence, and it will be clogging, inundating my inbox from all directions for days..

Dear Honorable Representatives :: Regarding Your Hand In Assisted Suicide Legislation..

The answer lies not in legalizing one individual murdering another..

The answer lies in working together towards answerable universal health care..

To do anything else holds you ultimately personally responsible for each and every vulnerable Life subsequently snuffed.

Sunday, June 3, 2007

Dalton Daily Citizen :: Highland Rivers director, Klay Weaver, resigns..

But to have been a butterfly on the wall..........

Highland Rivers director resigns..
By Charles Oliver, 2007-06-01
Dalton Daily Citizen; Dalton, Georgia

Summary: Highland Rivers Community Service Board has accepted the mutually agreeable resignation of Klay Weaver, their long-time executive director.. An attorney, Jim Catanzaro, is quoted but appears not to have been completely involved.. Who Mr. Catanzaro represents is not clear.. Searches will begin now for both the Highland Rivers Community Service Board's interim director and eventual full-time permanent director..

A self-advocate meanders out loud: As a required part of the hiring process, persons interviewing for positions such as executive director of community service boards (CSBs) should additionally be "interviewed", via community stakeholder town halls, by the very communities they serve..