Friday, June 22, 2007

Happy Olmstead decision Day :: Who makes your Choices..?

Running late as always so this is a.. quickie..

On this, the 8th anniversary of Olmstead decision, a few very simple questions to ponder as a tiny exercise in putting the inclusive living movement into perspective:

  • Who decides what clothes you are going to wear each day..?
  • Who decides how you will spend your money..?
  • Who decides what time you will get up in the morning..?
  • Who decides when you eat throughout the day..?
  • Who decides what you will eat throughout the day..?
  • Who decides when you will use the restroom..?
  • Who decides when you will shower and how often..?
  • Who decides when you will go to bed..?
  • Who decides when you are going to brush your teeth each day..?

Like I said, just a few.. Seems silly, but these were the very real kinds of questions we were asked during our peer support training and pilot project participation last year.. There's a reason we were asked them.. It was because every day across our great country, the Land of the Free, there are thousands upon thousands incarcerated in long term care centers who are not allowed, not allowed to make these very basic Life-related decisions, Choices for themselves.. The Time is Yesterday to help bump up our efforts on all fronts to get these people out of "Jail"..

Cyber hugs..

PS.. Atlanta, here we come..

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