Sunday, July 1, 2007

Up for telling Ted Nugent where to pluck it..?

Ted Nugent's the latest to cross my inbox as supportive of Dr. Uncouth, assisted suicide, legalization, and everyone staying out of it because it is, in his so many words, not a threat to vulnerable populations..

Sic 'em.. :wink:

Whoops, almost forgot..

Dear Ted Nugent:

Well spoken from your Ivory Tower of Celebrity Privilege.. When it comes to speaking about the slippery slope from these Shoes, YOU need to listen a little bit more as to why people fear.. people like you who don't even pretend to try to understand but who rant on and on from self-important possible positions of power to change the iffies on this Life-affecting debate..

Grrrin.. You said it yourself, Ted, when you said: "I would love to know who thinks he or she has any right to tell family members or loved ones just how, when or if they can compassionately end their suffering and meet their maker."

THAT'S what we're trying to tell people like you.

Right now, these types of decisions are being made not based on Love and Compassion but instead are being made based on how much trouble persons of all disabilities are to others.. Making it any more legal, any easier than it already is ups the verticality of that "slippery slope" we all speak of these days..

Shaking your head in retort..? (Can feel the residual disturbance in the air waves from here..)

'Splain to me, then, what was the excuse Ashley's parents, of Ashley's treatment fame, gave for why they violated her womanhood, her human rights, her Life's dignities.. Because it convenienced them, because it made things easier on them..

Whether or not you'd ever admit it publicly now, you and I both know there is no way in H-E-Double-Toothpicks the Ashley treatment parents are the only ones pulling this kind of cr#p on my extended family of friends..

'Nuff said.

Reference - Waco Tribune-Herald :: Ted Nugent: When my time comes, Big Brother, butt out, Ted Nugent, Sunday, July 01, 2007..

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