Sunday, June 3, 2007

Dalton Daily Citizen :: Highland Rivers director, Klay Weaver, resigns..

But to have been a butterfly on the wall..........

Highland Rivers director resigns..
By Charles Oliver, 2007-06-01
Dalton Daily Citizen; Dalton, Georgia

Summary: Highland Rivers Community Service Board has accepted the mutually agreeable resignation of Klay Weaver, their long-time executive director.. An attorney, Jim Catanzaro, is quoted but appears not to have been completely involved.. Who Mr. Catanzaro represents is not clear.. Searches will begin now for both the Highland Rivers Community Service Board's interim director and eventual full-time permanent director..

A self-advocate meanders out loud: As a required part of the hiring process, persons interviewing for positions such as executive director of community service boards (CSBs) should additionally be "interviewed", via community stakeholder town halls, by the very communities they serve..


Tim said...

My name is Tim. I work for HRCSB (mostly in Ellijay--near Talking Rock). Thought I knew most everyone in the local behavioral healtcare scene. Have our paths crossed?

Cindy Sue Causey said...

Hi, Tim..

My deepest, sincerest apologies.. Just this sec finding your comment because a spammer had targeted this old post of mine.. Most likely had sunk back into crisis or near crisis by the time you typed.. Anything from three or four months ago on back, I've been lucky to rub more than a few decent moments together before crashing..

Are you still working for HRCSB..? If so, more power to you.. :grin:

Me, I'm a psych survivor of this county's with a one-time nasty experience up there near Cherry Log after that so.. you know. Hm.

Hey, if you are still working for them :: Please tell me it seriously is not STILL taking 3 weeks for people in immediate crisis to get any type of notable treatment..

Fate sat me next to someone in the library the other day.. Ummm.. For what it was worth, I gave him my name in writing and said show it to whomever was talking to him and tell them that person would be following up......


With Sonny, DHR, and whomever else it takes if this is still going on..

Other than that........

If you ever want to chat, I can be reasonable, respectful when the same is given in return.. :)

Warmest wishes from Talking Rock..

Cindy Sue :)