Tuesday, December 11, 2007

GovExec.gov :: EEOC commissioner pushes hiring of people with disabilities..

In amongst the bazillion other newest emails in my inbox this evening, especially with some much sadder messages lurking, waiting, very cool to find the following highlighted by SSA.gov.....

EEOC commissioner pushes hiring of people with disabilities..
By Alyssa Rosenberg, Government Executive, December 10, 2007..

Notably to these fingertips was "Concerned Employee" who commented expressing an observation of the lack of general accessibility.. Could be interesting to watch over Time..

Doubly cool from here was finding Government Executive as a new resource website to keep an eye out for.. Oh, whoops, and also cited in the article was....

CAP, Computer/Electronic Accommodations Program, a Department of Defense (DoD) interest website (translation: NO funny business while you're visiting :grin: )..

Incredibly interesting over at the CAP website is their own highlighted story, CAP Spotlight: Schedule A, which in part states..

In the Federal government, the number of employees with disabilities is steadily declining.

Kicking back here totally loving the irony......... :wink:

Cyber hugs..

PS.. Shoutout to Gmail.. Would LOVE to share my Gmail seriously successful story with you (in reference to the teaser at the top of every inbox page now), but, alack and alas, no video capabilities so your fun online activity is....

Not accessible...... Any alternatives available..? :grin:

For the Record, basically my Gmail seriously successful story goes something like this.....

796 MB of email and counting..

WITH CONSTANT DELETION as quickly and often as possible..

Before these fingertips opted in for your second round beta program way back when, I was having to split the same level of information between multiple, multiple... GASP... 10 MB accounts.. :giggle:

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