Sunday, December 9, 2007

Mother Jones :: Schlock and Awwww: Commercializing Altruism..

Excellent observation from Jon Mooallem over at Mother Jones entitled......

Schlock and Awwww: Commercializing Altruism..

Been intending for ages to post that, especially with all the hype that will be given to Super Bowl commercials very soon, how grand it would be if advertiser marketing campaigns went 180 on the gabillions of dollars spent on their commercials by going extremely simplistic then openly expressing that dollars once frivously spent on garish commercials were now going to philanthropic efforts in local communities..

Freedom of Speech existing as it so grandly does, though, there would be a guaranteed adverse effect on some level.. Takes little imagination to envision the organized consumer-driven campaigns that would erupt demanding advertisers stop patronizing some given [non-profit] or consumer dollars would be diverted to competitors immediately.. :sigh:

Back to reflecting on Jon's cool observation of Extreme Makeover: Home Edition.. My own take comes from walking in these Shoes: I know what the temperature was inside my house last winter and got a pretty dadgum good clue what it will be again this year..

And then I cry for all those whose Shoes are even more worn than Mine for they will never see the likes of the Ty Penningtons of the World and instead will rely on the Human Kindness within their local communities to offer them a hand back up as productive members of Society..

It can happen.. It does every day.. It begins with extremely unselfish, proactive disclosures of Life-affecting, Life-altering, Life-saving information.. No better Time than the Present.. :wink:

Soggy cyber hugs from my favorite local L with an extra special one going out to Jon..

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