Thursday, April 19, 2007

So a funny thing happens on the way to the BBB Online website..

Still trying to resolve the issue where my former web hosting provider, iPowerWeb (BBB Online reliability report), refuses to quit abusing my various hard-earned virtual identities and instead continues to use my web positioning to sublimally redirect traffic to itself under the identity, VDeck..

Have now given iPowerWeb more than a week to comply with my, what had been to this date, anyway, "request" that they cease and desist abusing my very public self-identifying disability self-advocacy virtual identity for their own financial gain.. I play with a personal server such as it is (Windows 98, Cygwin, Apache, Perl, PHP).. I know how many flicks of a switch it takes to shut down a virtual domain..

Sooo, as promised privately to iPowerWeb, AND, again, after allowing ample time for human intervention, just took a trip over to Phoenix's BBB (Better Business Bureau website) as the first of several intended steps should this continue any further..

Four QUICK questions later and where do I find myself, at the Department of Justice's ADA website of all places.. Guess it was the "yes" answer to the "Did I feel this was violating my civil rights..?" question that unexpectedly flipped that particular switch on..

Oy, goodness.. Wanna come with..?

PS.. Beyond that they have the same person doing their billing and they exhibit the same physical address location, anyone have any idea of iPowerWeb's relationship to Startlogic, Inc (reliability report)..? Startlogic was the only thing I could initially get to come up is how it even came to mind to ask..

Tried using the search engine to see if there were any others listed at that same location and bearing same-named employees and/or contractos through BBB's site, but it kept coming back empty, completely empty even though other ways yielded the initial two companies.. Gotta love technology..

Notable is that it is easier to read into that these are not completely the same or immediately related as Startlogic's showing no unresolved issues while iPowerWeb, well, not so much.. Oh, and not to mention that Startlogic and its no unresolveds showing record ARE a BBB member, while, well, you guessed it.. Surprise, not.. :\

PPS.. Gotta give iPowerWeb that, as of last contact, they were trying to resolve this.. They keep saying, "Now that we've shafted you and your websites' visitors by shutting down your domain and thus subdomains, give us money, and we'll power it right on back up.."

I don't think so, and I've politely told them so.. No, ma'am, no way, not ever..

They had 100% go-ahead, they had payment in hand as the email that started all of this states explicitly.. The subject line says something along the lines of, "Your payment has been approved", and the body says something like, "We look forward to the next two years with you".. SOMETHING like that..

Still a little bit more to how this came about (next time), but, yup, it was THEIR Choice, not mine, to shut down my suicide survival tip website after explicitly stating payment had been received in full..

My traffic might have been a miniscule guppy in the big fish sea of sites, but those some 13,000 page turns meant something to someone out there.. I know they meant the World to me as they indicated Value and constantly encouraged digging deeper for more leads, more answers to mental health and disability advocacy out there on the World Wide Web.. That's why it feels so incredibly quite convenient they won't let it go so my identity belongs to me and me alone, not serving as a blatant potential direct lead into their bank account..

Huge cyber hugs to those who did come by to visit.. Whoever you all were, you always made my day.. Gave horrendous Life-garnered experiences some sense of explanation for their existence at the end of Day.. :)

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