Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Georgia Tools For Life's ReBoot Program..

One of the latest emails in my inbox served as a reminder of the existence of the Georgia Tools For Life ReBoot computer recycling program.. Computer parts along with other miscellaneous technologies donated to Georgia Tools For Life's ReBoot are recycled, revamped through this non-profit then given to persons with disabilities across the state..

What I REALLY like about this program is that they ask for those who receive computers to pay it forward by donating, volunteering so many hours of time to ANY other non-profit entity of that person's choosing.. This is not just some kind of handout deal..

With all the wonderful interest in Freecycle-type programs going on right now, please think of adding TFL's ReBoot program to your bookmark index for the next time you upgrade your equipment in the future and just don't know what you're ever going to do with the backlog of computer parts beginning to pile up in that back closet of yours..

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