Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Georgia Alert :: SB 10 and the newest "Eligibility" Meetings..

Just found this in my inbox so paying it forward.. I very much trust the messenger so please do the same ASAP.. Listservs, address books, blogs, websites, wherever you know word will get to parents of children with disabilities (CWDs)..

Parents of Children with disAbilities – Please be INFORMED!

School Systems are calling supposed "eligibility" meetings for students with disAbilities!

These are not your normal forms or even regular IEP (Individual Education Plan) meetings!

The forms have only some of the diagnosis and only the good grades, the higher scores from psychologicals, then they ask the parent if they have their updated "medical" form, of course parents don't have these "medical" forms updated. The school can then determine the student is no longer eligible for Special Education!

If the parent doesn't agree – all the educators sign agreeing and then the parent has to go to court if they disagree. Be careful too, because they can actually have these meeting without parents and then send the parent the addendum to the IEP.

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