Monday, April 9, 2007

Speaking of kind, unselfish acts.. :))

Accidentally just now found out my main website and all the attached sub-domains went down for the count in the last few days.. Former webhost, iPowerweb, apparently is not interested in our business so will be a couple of days before I can be back up and running.. Already had a new favorite chomping at the bit, but if you know of GOOD, reasonable webhosting services that know how to communicate with their clients, I'm all ears. :P

In the meantime, Google does a wonderful job of keeping cached copies of websites for a short period of time should you need anything from my websites.. THANK YOU, Google..

To friends I've just recently brought up exactly this kind of thing in the last week or so, the Internet has brought us an awesome tool to use for advocating and self-advocating for persons with disabilities.. BUT, for those of us who deal in topics more critical in nature, for example suicide survival as Life chose for these fingertips, today's Technology can definitely provide a double-edged sword when there is a glitch, regardless of how the glitch occurs..

Everyone be safe out there, and don't forget, Google caches.. A perfect reminder we need to never let up steam on finding ways to make sure we are all completely independent of others as Time continues forward..

Warm cyber hugs to all.. :)

P.S. Speaking of being shut down with absolutely no warning, think, hear, recognize, read all about the, at first glance, seemingly very geekette phrase of Net neutrality.. Get involved to make sure it stays our Reality..

Bear in mind that, with a flick of a virtual switch by someone who does not agree with our subject matter, our content, there always stands that chance that our Voices can be snuffed out instantly like a Light.. The more radical your point of view being voiced on the Net, bet your bottom circuit that your topic moves closer to the top of the list to be censored should they ever figure out a way to do so legally..

Stay informed.. Stay involved.. Help guarantee Net neutraliy becomes one less battle we need to confront each day.. ;)


David J. said...

Sorry to hear about your experience with iPowerweb, you might be able to find a semi-decent provider at Hostjury:

It's an a-okay site that seemingly has a lot of valid reviews. Enjoy!

Note that I do own it ;)

Cindy Sue said...

Thank you, David..

That was sweet of you.. :smile:

I've been playing around with the idea of a personal server, through playing with Apache, Cygwin, Perl, et al(l), and so consider their move an unanticipated (re?)boot in that direction..

Just bytes because one thing I do is BBB something, and they passed with flying colors two years ago.. Haven't looked this week, but definitely last year, sadly not so much.. Had been following up on gut instinct as to why my sites had suddenly dropped off the face of *all* Internet searches at the time..

Made the mistake of staying, of not following up then and there to move elsewhere..

Live, learn, and respectfully do what it takes to make sure others don't experience the same will lend some sense of satisfaction to the closing chapter..

Cyber hugs.. :)

P.S. Keep getting a kick out of your comment.. Love technically oriented people with a sense of humor.. Do consider yourself bookmarked.. :D

David J. said...


I didn't realize you were so technically inclined :) If that's the case one option you may want to consider is a semi-dedicated or vps solution.

It's a tad more reliable than most providers out there, sadly.

Some companies that offer it seem to do a great job - an example would be 'Servint' with their fully managed one.

At any rate best of luck :)
Take care.

Cindy Sue said...

Hi, David..

Thank you.. That was a nice compliment, you noticing, I mean.. Some days very much "geekette" oriented, the good Mind willing.. :)

Tried to thank you directly, but lost the trail.. If you perl, I dance with "bugs" occasionally.. ;)

Thanks again.. Will check out your other suggestions.. Love how many options have become so readily available even since a few short years ago.. :)

Cyber hugs..

HostReviewSite said...

Hey Cindy,

Great's difficult to judge which hosts are reliable and which cause the most headaches. A personal server makes the most sense and I personally use SoftLayer.

I try to use Host when recommending a hosting company. Let me know your thoughts!