Thursday, April 12, 2007

Personal to Neal Boortz :: Meet your future, er, Don Imus..

First encountered this during.. a bit of a downer so it lay dormant in my inbox, just biding its time.. Hit me today that.. Timing is everything thanks to MSNBC's Don Imus and his recent racial slur debacle..

Not being able to process streaming media (probably most thankfully in this case), no idea what exactly was said on air by Neal Boortz during one of his regular shows.. You all will have to find out and tell me.. Neal's website offers a media stream version and a media download of Neal's apparent editorial on individuals with visual impairments (blind community) and the danger they face when encountering quiet hybrid cars..

Didn't have to hear the download, though, to get the gist of his projected contempt for persons with disabilities.. Number One of his two choice poll stated, "Neal's right...slap a strobe light helmet or a dayglo orange overcoat on those blind people"..

First thing came to mind then and continues to come to mind now is.. Mr. Boortz, you would not have said anything even remotely close had it had an ethnic twist to it.. You'd have lost your job, your livelihood because of the outcry..

But.. Obviously it remains, like, totally cool, fully acceptable by public standards to psychologically beat up on a PWD (person with a disability) because..

You're still employed and spuing your trash talk while Mr. Imus will no longer be just days after whatever it was he pulled in undeniably similar circumstances..

P.S.. Neal does prove that he doesn't discriminate in stereotypically portraying disabilities, mental illness in this next snippet.. The same time the above came out, his supporters were making teehees over him apparently getting away with some story about a "diaper-wearing crazy astronaut" (their quote, not mine).. Again, someone out there will have to hear it (streaming media, download) and share whether the "crazy" theme carried any further than attempted childish newsletter shock value as my 'puter's too slow to handle his cr#p right now..

P.P.S.. While we're at it, we need to put in a request to Mr. Boortz's webmaster.. Links to a text version of the above media streams were not readily available, accessible relational to those same streams at the time they were stumbled upon.. Without that type of alternative format being provided alongside the other, access is being denied to persons with hearing impairments, but, then one would be surprised, why..?

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