Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Advocacy Op: Get "Making A Difference" placed in your local library..

Speaking of the Making A Difference magazine, a great advocacy opportunity resides within and simultaneously is not just limited to the same..

Happened for me accidentally a year or so ago when I took a copy in to the Pickens County Library to share with the librarians.. Next thing I knew, they had their own subscription, and it is now prominently displayed on the front side of the magazine racks in the same library..

For those outside the realm of the "Making A Difference" locale, your own Governor's Council on Disability must surely put out some kind of regular publication.. Even if it is not quite magazine rack quality, ask that it be placed in a community area.. If there isn't a community area, looks like an opportunity to advocate for one to these fingertips.. Grin..

Another opportunity many local library systems offer is for the posting of meetings and events of interest.. Among other forms of communication, these can be found in the form of high trafficked bulletin boards.. My local library additionally has a loose leaf notebook containing community calendar information front and center on the main checkout counter..

Best suggestion coming to mind just this second is to ask what's available in your own library and adapt your communication to be displayed in the same.. You could also present your services regularly to create multiple formats of information such as this for those who may need, for example, large print or voice..

P.S. While you're at it, this additionally presents the opportunity to follow up and make sure that assistive technology is available and operable should anyone come in and wish to use the same..

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