Sunday, May 20, 2007

Butterfly Byte :: Check bulk and spam folders regularly for "strays"..

A quick geekette tip here..

There's a little bit of "something" going on out there these days that we're going to have to start watching each other's backs over: Some of our advocacy-related emails are starting to find their way into spam and bulk email folders now..

The best way to combat this is to set up a self-imposed regular schedule to check those same folders just in case this is indeed a new tactic to be used against effective advocates.. If digging in the spam and bulk-type folders is not something you think you'll remember, any one of the miscellaneous reminder programs out there can do the remembering for you..

Personally, I've been using Yahoo!'s Calendar feature for things like this, but many other similar programs abound.. And for free..

Having pulled some eight or ten fellow advocates' emailed correspondences out of the spam folder and moved them back into the Inbox just this past week alone, can't begin to emphasize that there's no time like this very second for everyone to start watching each other's backs as best as possible under these particularly unusual circumstances..

Happy, Safe Surfing.. :)

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