Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Dear Big Oil :: The value of each additional dollar you take from me...


One dollar..

One greenback..

Four quarters..

Ten dimes..

Twenty nickels..

One hundred spanking brand new shiny pennies..

Potentially one warm meal in my belly (wait, not quite done yet)..

Times four days plus..

That is, if I splurge at each sitting and cook two packages of generic Ramen noodles recently bought from Wally World..

Why post it..? Why expose that very shameful part of this unusual leg of Life..?

Because nothing else seems to be reaching your Hearts..

As you unceasingly continue to reach deeper and deeper into our pocketbooks..

Not that I expect this to change anything, though..

But you can't blame a Girl for trying..

Because this Girl knows she is not alone..

Several times today, almost seemingly frantic, maybe even desperation sensing emails have found their way into my inbox, glaring at me that you, you who own and run the Big Oil Companies, you who have gabillions of spanking brand new shiny pennies in each your own.. sigh.. silk-lined pockets are heading the price of one gallon of gas to at least $4.00..

With a bullet..

Two years ago, I could take a trip to Decatur from here to see my friends who are my Lifeline, the folks down at disABILITY LINK, by dropping about $10.00 in the tank.. Even seems like there was more in the tank at trip's end than when I started at the time..

Now, two very short years later, I'm lucky if $15.00 gets me down there and nearly back.. The tank is certainly lower than when it started when today's version of $15.00 worth of gas is added at trip's begin..

And we won't even go into what it's doing to everything we buy that uses fuel to get where it's going.. (Is there anything that doesn't..?)

Yup, safe to say each night that I've made a trip somewhere related to my disability advocacy efforts and then I sit down to my Ramen noodles, I think of you all..

No fibbin'..

You know.. There's only one person who has the most of anything, 'cause that's what it's all about to you all.. It's a game, a money game where you're consciously ravaging everybody else through the cost of gasoline purely because you can..

For your own personal rewards.......

For the bling.

Isn't there even one of you all who wants to be the Hero and not..?

Just one..?

To someone somewhere times untold numbers, each $1.00 you bump, nay, gouge that gas up per gallon is four plus less warm meals in the belly of a stranger you will never know..

Per gallon..

Peaceful dreams.........

Inspiration: MoveOn.org's Stop Price Gouging Campaign..

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