Wednesday, May 9, 2007

A Hidden Shame :: Undoubtedly triggering material for psych survivors..

Can't ever seem to get beyond, get any further than Alan Judd and Andy Miller's first paragraphs that reflect those three-digit numbers my original website predicted regarding community mental health care, let alone in hospital..

115 reported suspicious deaths..

194 reported cases of physical and sexual abuse..

Got more news for you..

These are only the ones the likes of Andy Miller and Alan Judd had the time and resources to dig like H-e-double-toothpicks for..

These are only the ones who somehow still had something left to come forward with..

These are only the ones who still had someone who believed in them enough to come forward for them..

For those who are teetering, there are many, many out there who will help when you are ready.. There is nothing more empowering than coming forward and speaking out to make it stop for the next guy fixin' to walk through those very same doors..

When you're ready.......

{{ You }}

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