Tuesday, May 15, 2007

On Liberal Bashing..

Stopped momentarily to reflect on Liberalism, Centrism, Conservatism et al(l) in response to a Liberal bashing blog that pulled up during an Internet search on the politically correct way to reference homelessness for another post sitting in draft..

Results from the World's Smallest Political Quiz aside, don't have a clue exactly what I am.. Increasingly becoming less and less important in the scheme of things as Life's just too short to waste it pondering the small shtuff..

Do know that, whatever it is I are, those likemindeds I run with don't spend their Days and Nights spuing Hate towards others.. They do, however, endlessly, selflessly spend those same Days and Nights doing all in their power to better, nay, save the Lives of countless thousands upon thousands of absolute and total strangers, doing so literally to their own Lives' very last breaths..




Just what the dickens is it about those who value the same that can bring still others to such abusive ire..?

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