Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Walking in These Shoes :: Life Sucks..

Can't believe I just said and meant "Lighten up" to another.. To a major website and identifiably as myself along with exactly why because they unknowingly chose just the wrong moment to invade my inbox with a "Why haven't you come to visit us in our vision of 'visit us in this many days or you don't give a D*mn about the World'" pressure email..

That "Lighten up" didn't come without forethought, though.. Been a tough few days in the latest personal evolution since my experience within the doors of community mental health care..

I don't know.. "Lighten up" started with the trip to the grocery store a few days ago, I guess..

Sucks that I've found myself jumping up and down to everyone about being able to buy d*mn hamburger for the first time in several years.. $1.00 a pound a few days ago.. Plain white wrapper.. Greasy as H-e-double-toothpicks.. Yummy as H-e-double-toothpicks, btw..

But I digress already from that..

Life Sucks..

Sucks up the wazoo that that $1.00/pound hamburger throws my already long ago flat broke busted 50, 75-cent a day food budget allowance out the fricking window for months to come from now..

Sucks up the bigger wazoo that $1.00 a pound hamburger has to be the highlight of my day.. Oy, vey..

Sucks the even bigger wazoo that lately it's hard to find like-minded people who Love All Others, Support All Others, would Fight and Lay Down Their Own Lives for Others.. Likemindeds who do not in any way, shape, or form judge someone for how they got to be where they are through the Evolution of Life's Choices Made.. (Desperately, hungrily seeking likeminded Consciences the reason why, btw, that I was even on the aforementioned "web surfer anxious" website to begin with..)

Drum roll, please..

Sucks up the humdinger wazoo of them all that, for all the progress that can be and is being made in the preservation of disability rights and human dignity, somewhere under the radar and just out of reach today, someone has already yet again taken the Life of another because their hardened Heart was so cruel as to be woefully blind to the Value in that beautiful Life they have now irrevocably snuffed..

Yup.. Life Sucks..

And it's that Suck Factor that drives these Fingertips to now shamelessly tell it like it is from these Shoes..

Until it "don't"..


Other than that, not much else of major importance going on in this little ol' bleached blonde Mind o' mine today (in case anyone was wondering where the H-e-double-toothpicks I'd dropped off the Edge of the Planet to this Time)..

Cyber hugs.. :wink:

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