Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Congressman John Lewis :: "Phone-Out" Town Hall This Evening..

Accidentally checked in on an old, a very old inbox a few moments ago, and found an announcement from Congressman John Lewis' office regarding an unusual approach to a telephone town hall..

From what my Mind is grasping, it appears that they will be using one of those automated dialer systems that normally are abused by telemarketers.. Only, in this instance, you will be offered the opportunity to alert Congressman Lewis as to what are your most important Life-affecting concerns at this very moment..

Taking great liberties in reprinting his correspondence (our tax dollars did pay for its creation after all :grin: ):

Dear Friends,

On Tuesday evening, March 11th, around 7:30pm, I will be calling about 40,000 residents of the fifth Congressional District inviting them to join me in a Telephone Town Hall Meeting. If you receive a call, you will hear my voice asking you to stay on the line to be connected to the call.

Then I am going to talk for a few minutes about what I do in Washington, what I am working on on your behalf, and some of the issues that are facing us as a community. But I want to spend most of my time hearing from you and answering your questions about my work in Congress. In the past you may have received other automatic calls or “robo calls” which used the advances in technology to ridicule and divide. This is a positive opportunity, a chance for you and me to meet and talk to more people in the District than ever before. Together we can engage in an open dialogue about the issues that are important to us -- the economy, healthcare, job security, education, the environment and much more.

I feel very honored to serve a district with such vitality, diversity and vigor. We will face many obstacles in the months ahead but, if we pull together and believe in each other, together we can build a more perfect union. I look forward to talking to some of you on Tuesday.


John Lewis
Member of Congress

If you happen to be on the receiving end of one of the 40,000 anticipated "robo call" phone dials this evening, please do not hesitate to respectfully speak your mind as to what works and/or is not working for you re the State of Life as it is Today..

Me..? Just in case my little ol' house in Talking Rock is not on the automated agenda this evening, have already responded through the email contact form on his website..

Affecting me personally just this very second..?

It was very.. very cold inside when I got up to start yet another Day in the Life of Cindy Sue.. I unabashedly asked Rep. Lewis to please help very openly remind others in the elected seats around him that every day in our Land of Such Plenty, many, many citizens still go without the very most basic of Life-sustaining necessities..

Never 'oits to ask.. :wink:

Warmest cyber hugs from the Hills of North Georgia..

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