Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Memory Loss :: Not Like *THIS*, You Don't..

Forgot how to take a dadgum shower the other day..

Stepped into the shower..

As always.......

Turned on the hot water first..

As always.......

Turned around and pulled the shower curtain to while the hot water perked its way through to the faucet..

As always.......

Turned back around, and.................




Stood there for what seemed like an Eternity without a bleeping, flipping zip of a clue as to what came next in the process..

Couldn't remember that next came reaching out to turn on the cold knob to level out the temperature of the hot water already coming through..

Couldn't recognize the objects in front of me as knobs and a faucet, as parts of a shower stall that needed something done to or with them..

Couldn't remember I was even trying to take a shower, for that matter..


Brought to Mind once again all the well-meaning folks who have on regular occasion instinctively answered my despair regarding ever-increasing memory loss with what I know from deep down inside is a most genuine, heart-felt,

"Oh, EVERYONE forgets things, Dear.. Why, just the other day, I forgot where I had set my keys down again.."

To which reverberates silently within the ever more forgetful Mind,

"No, not like this, you don't.. Please trust me that everyone does not forget things in quite this same way.. It's just 'slightly' more Life-affecting than misplacing that durn set of car keys..


Moral of the Meandering :: Next time we're all sitting around in a disability independent living conference, casually giggling, joking over forgetting each other's names and where we met last, this half of the joke will be simultaneously secretly crossing everything not tied down that she'll be able to remember how to drive all the way back to where she lives, let alone even drive, oh, crap, let alone even drive one of those great big 1,000 pound chunk of metals meant to get her there in one piece...........


Warmest cyber hugs from the Hills.. :wink:

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