Monday, March 17, 2008

Station Break :: "Chester Drawers"..

My stress level is absolute over the top right now.. Started Friday on a more personal level and just kept right on slamming through in the form of those thunderstorms and tornadoes that ripped their way across the country and on into Atlanta, Polk County, and similar.. PTSD the entire weekend through, indubitably.. :frown:

Anyway, as my Mind does its dadgummiest to clear the dissociative fog so I may find appropriate resources to help [a friend], I came across someone looking for a "chester drawer" on a Freecycle listserv over the weekend.. Through your innocence and local colloquial, fellow Freecycler, you unknowingly brought a twinkle to a very saddened Heart today.. Thank you.. :smile:

And speaking of Chester Drawers, he is apparently alive and doing very well in Branson, Missouri.. Maybe some day we can tickle his fancy enough to coax him over our way for some disability self-advocacy function or 'nother.. :giggle:

Cyber hugs from Talking Rock..

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