Friday, April 4, 2008

The Cost Of One Crashed B1 Bomber.. In Ramen Noodles..

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Peace, Love, and Something Warm in the Bellies for All tonight..

Not going to say much here.. Others are surely echoing my tear-stained thoughts across the cyber World..


The loss of a military B-1 bomber, above and beyond what may involve the human factor, is always outrageous in instances like today's when one starts looking at the Life survival business end of the ordeal of War..

So it works like this: Today, one B-1 bomber has been reported to have crashed over in Quatar

The cost of said lost military plane..? Not quite sure.. Tried to find something reliable and really quick in my favorite search engine.. Best I could do was it was anything from $200 million to $300 million dollars..

Give or take.......

A million or two.......

For one.......

Translated into ramen noodles at, let's say, 2 packages a day of something, anything warm in a person's belly, we get..

$200 million low ball cost for one crashed warplane..

Approximately 13 cents per package of ramen noodles (includes tax here in Georgia)..

Divided back into the aforementioned $200 million equals..

APPROXIMATELY 1,538,461,538 packages of noodles.. That's one billion, five hundred thirty-eight million, four hundred sixty-one thousand, five hundred and thirty-eight packages of ramen noodles laying smashed to smithereens on an al-Udeid Air Base, Qatar, war-involved (?) runway..

Someone check me.. This Mind doesn't always see the obvious it missed.. :wink:

Back to those two packages of something warm in someone's belly (on the high side as a fella could get away with just one), we get.......

769, 230,769 (seven hundred sixty-nine million, two hundred thirty thousand, seven hundred and sixty-nine) days that one Human Life could have something warm in their belly at the expense of one less crashed military airplane.. That's two warm meals a day if a fella eats a package per sitting..

Divide that by 365 days per year, and one gets, hm, crum, that can't be right.. Divided by 365 days a year, one gets:

2,107,481 (two million, one hundred seven thousand, four hundred and eighty-one) years..

Shoot.. That just can't be right.. But, if it is, War just got a whole [bleeped] more absurd to these fingertips.......

Shock from that number still numbing the Brain, but moving on to alternatively think further, seven hundred sixty-nine million, two hundred thirty thousand, seven hundred and sixty-nine people could theoretically have their Lives sustained one more day for the cost of one lost military warplane.......

Extended just one more day that could be THE one day that makes a difference in hoping Fate will land them in the Path of someone who can help guide them to the tools that will improve the quality of their Lives once and forever for all towards healthier communities everywhere..

Cyber hugs from Talking Rock..

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