Sunday, April 6, 2008

WSJ :: Aid to Make Homes 'Accessible'..

Really nice find in my inbox this morning was an article from the Wall Street Journal regarding accessible housing design:

In trying desperately to respect copyrights but wrestling with that there is so much important information in his article, am thinking here that highlighting the more prominent resources reporter Theo Francis shares is the "safer" way to go:

A couple more that IMMEDIATELY came to mind to these fingertips:

Long as I'm at it, straight from SILCGA's website to you comes their contact info:

Statewide Independent Living Council of Georgia, Inc.
755 Commerce Drive, Suite 415
Decatur, GA 30030
Voice: 770-270-6860
Toll Free: 888-288-9780
TTY: Use GA Relay, 711
Fax: 770-270-5957

Hm. While visiting them right now, my Mind just caught Concrete Change's footer there where it appears the website's information may have been provided in one form or another from some ten years ago until.......

Precisely today, April 6, 1998.. Makes it just that much more TOO cool for school that the WSJ article on accessible housing design debuted today..

Aren't you glad these fingertips have on-demand computer access once again and finally..? :wipes sweat from cyber brow as she winks:

Premature-PS.. Concrete Change should sound at least "vaguely" familiar to any seasoned veterans of the CraigsList Disabilities Forum.. :ga-WINK:

An-EE-way (and in conclusion,).......

*Please*, if you have just a few seconds, drop the reporter, Theo Francis, a very quick *thank you* because, human nature being what it is, people will *finally* start to take note of Visitibility purely because they did indeed see it in the Wall Street Journal.. If it works in your favorite email programs, I've set the email link below to fill in an email that very simply states, "Thank you so much for covering the very important subject of accessible home design. Visitibility benefits everyone!":

Cyber hugs from Talking Rock..

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