Monday, May 19, 2008

Wakeup Call :: An Unknown Suicide Jumper On Atlanta's I-285 Spaghetti Junction..

The words just won't come after having seen yet another news report of this nature:

Somehow unexplainedly to these Fingertips through the Tears, this, just the very latest this second of similar pieces echoing across our Country, symbolizes all that is wrong in our World..

Traveled over to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution (AJC), to see what, if anything more, they had to add to WSBTV's short blurb, and things got just that much worse.. There, right below their own story of the Spaghetti Junction overpass suicide jumper, is a teaser for an article on.......

Taking tourist bus tours to view the destroyed Lives of others in the form of their foreclosed homes:

The white shuttle bus came to a stop and Damon Borozny joked to the passengers, "All right, time to scare the neighbors."

Borozny, a product manager for an office supply business, was helping lead a new kind of tour for Atlanta - the home foreclosure tour.

A dozen people paid $49, or $65 per couple, to spend five hours Sunday checking out other people's broken dreams and possibly find a deal.

One unfortunate set of people's Lives are being shattered forever because of endlessly skyrocketing food and fuel prices even as these other wonderful folks are trading humorous barbs over the same while carelessly rummaging where tiny feet of Hope, Love, and Joy once pitter-pattered.. Seeing that article couldn't help but bring back to Mind the similarly minded individuals who graciously provided anxious sightseeing tourists with bus tours immediately following Hurricane Katrina's deaths and devastation in New Orleans, Louisiana..

Our World just keeps sicker by the keystroke.. Predatory lending has now led to predatory sharks very publicly, visually sucking off the blood of permanently wounded homeowners..

For all we know, it was something precisely like this bloodsucking predatory entrepreneurship that was the last straw for the Spaghetti Junction suicide jumper.. Someone somewhere knows the History, the Truth behind what happened today.......

We have GOT to start coming together and support each other for everything we are..

Every Life was someone's Child once..

Every Life had a Chance once to be a productive member of our Society, of our local Communities..

Every Life has Value now in this, our Own one and only, if given a Hand back up towards that Chance..

It begins with Compassion, Human Compassion for another from deep down within our own Souls..

Cyber hugs from Talking Rock........

In my Mind's Ear, listening to.......

Against all odds
Against the grain
Love finds a way
Some people change.

Thank God for those who make it
Let them be the light.

~Montgomery Gentry..


Anonymous said...

You act as if all the foreclosures in the country are due to 'rising living costs'. In reality a great many are caused by people who lived beyond their means, made bad financial decisions, and had poor priorities.

Let me see, should I overextend myself and run up another credit card, and buy a new Mercedes, or should I work on paying down the debt I currently have.

I understand that there a several people forced into foreclosure due to a job loss, or illness. Those people have my sympathy. Not those who chose to buy a home with a risky ARM Loan (Yes, so they could afford the payments on a home they couldn't ordinarily afford) and then cried when the loan re-adjusted and they couldn't refinance because they had trashed their credit from buying new cars, and running up credit card bills.

And while this is going on, people scream for the government to take care of the problems they created by being irresponsible. Why reward the idiots? Why bail them out of bad financial decisions?

What about the consumers who pay their bills, mortgages and don't overextend themselves on things that they don't need? Why don't they get rewarded?

Give me break. I'd have more empathy towards the foreclosures if I personally didn't see the loan documents day in and day out of the people who had no business buying such an expensive house.

Blame the lenders all you want. No one made the borrower sign the papers.

Cindy Sue Causey said...


Thank you so much for your personal observations.. Mine come from witnessing firsthand our most vulnerable populations preyed upon by the unscrupulous..

You said: "Give me break. I'd have more empathy towards the foreclosures if I personally didn't see the loan documents day in and day out of the people who had no business buying such an expensive house."

Empathy certainly would come from Walking from in these Shoes.. To all of the same vein, my question would be.......

"What do you proactively do to protect those people from themselves as well as *your business* that you *know* you are consciously putting at risk..?"

Thank you again for your own observations from your Shoes..

Best wishes.. :)

W.C. Varones said...

We're keeping track of mortgage and foreclosure suicides and homicides at Greenspan's Body Count.

Let us know if you see any others.