Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Lifesite :: Nurses in Oregon assisted suicide case killed patient without a physician..

Tip of the iceberg..

PORTLAND, Oregon, July 9, 2007 (LifeSiteNews.com) - Two Portland-area nurses have admitted to the Oregon State Board of Nursing that they administered massive doses of morphine and Phenobarbital to a woman dying of cancer with the intention of causing her death. The Portland Tribune reports that the state Board of Nursing was alerted to the nurses' action, but took more than a year investigating and did not report the incident to police.

The Board's finding was that the two did participate in an assisted suicide without a physician. Oregon law states that assisted suicides must be performed with a physician.

Love (not) how it says that Oregon state police are investigating with eyes on possible criminal charges being filed.. Argh.......

Oh, and that the two nurses were allowed to keep practicing nursing..

Aside to our Ted Nugents of the World who think disability advocates are running around saying "the sky is falling": And so just exactly what part of that slippery slope is it that is so beyond comprehension..?

I know, I know.. This is just a rare, isolated instance that would never, ever occur again, right..? :raises brow:

Featured Article: Nurses Investigated In Oregon Assisted Suicide Case - Killed Patient Without a Physician: Netherlands experience showed "euthanasia, once legalized, cannot be effectively controlled
By Hilary White, LifeSiteNews.com..
PORTLAND, Oregon, July 9, 2007

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