Saturday, October 20, 2007

In these times of alternative "recycling", please don't forget your local thrift stores..

Super quickie here.. With alternative forms of recycling still usable household articles becoming more and more popular (not to mention accessible through the availability of the Internet), PLEASE don't forget to keep your local community thrift stores in mind along the way..

As one on a very limited budget myself for quite some time, my community thrift stores are a regular stop each month.. With the popularity of commendaable websites such as Freecycle, one cannot help but notice the shelves in thrift stores are becoming increasingly more barren..

My thought process is......

The programs that depend on the funds generated through community thrift store revenues are the ones that will feel, nay, are feeling the pinch as tangible donations dry up a little in their directions.. Just please don't forget they are all out there as technology continues to connect us all together more and more..

Cyber hugs..

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