Monday, October 8, 2007

MH State Hospital Survey :: GA MHDDAD Family Satisfaction Survey..

*Love* Life's little presents like the following that wholly accidentally find their way to these fingertips.. This is a Georgia DHR MHDDAD mental health hospital survey explaining itself with the following:

People who are treated in Georgia’s state mental health hospitals need the support of their family and friends to get and stay well. Loved ones also see the progress of the patient and the quality of the hospital and its staff from a unique perspective.

If you’re close to someone who’s been treated in one of Georgia’s seven state mental health hospitals, we want to hear about your experiences. Please take a moment to fill out the following survey. If a question isn’t applicable to you, or you prefer not to answer, just select N/A.

Survey's original URL ::

For those who may be concerned, the numerical web addy reflected,, defaults back to Georgia DHR's Office of Communications if followed..

BUTTERFLY BYTE :: Know up front that, while this survey does not appear to ask for any personally identifiable information, any server anywhere, any time can and does document our IP (Internet protocol) addresses, the sometimes temporary, sometimes more permanent numbers our IPSs (Internet service providers) mark us with, identify us by each time we log on to the Internet.. Just a subtle reminder that we are never as invisible as it may seem at first glance.. :wink:

Cyber hugs..

Cindy Sue

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