Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Cyber hugs to all my Friends out there..

And huge apologies that I have not been able to return messages left for me at certain social networking websites all over the Internet.. Just been without a working computer at the house.. You have no idea how many of you all pass through my thoughts each and every day.. :grin:

The upside to being without a 'puter is that it leaves, yuck, tons of time for housecleaning, ugh, not to mention conspiring to repair a near constantly ailing vehicle of late.. More on the latter later as I have a bunch of public "thank yous" to leave for all those who have been so helpful and, more importantly from these Shoes, kind and respectful throughout all my questions and one-on-ones as I bounce through the list of tow companies, auto repair businesses, and auto parts stores here in Pickens County..

Cyber hugs..

PS If anyone knows where I can get my hands on an inexpensive computer from Year 2000 or better, you'd be my Hero for the Day.. I've run the gamut of community thrift stores with no luck in recent weeks.. 23,000 plus emails in my inbox when I got to the local library earlier.. At least 85% of those emails contain awesome disability advocacy information that never should have stopped at these fingertips........

Cyber hugs X2.. :grin:

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