Wednesday, November 14, 2007

How to get from CSB to 10 Donated Grains of Rice in One Easy Word..

Taking this lead with the proverbial grain of salt.......

A recent Internet search on the keyword phrase "community service board" plucked Knitting Sox Fan's One More Thing in from the depths of the Blogosphere.. The lead came in because she was referencing a website link her school's CSB had shared within, that URL being

Now I say I take this lead "with the proverbial grain of salt" because, being undeniably gull-a-bull, can't help but wonder and hope for the genuineness of Free Rice's promise at hand.. Once the first word is guessed and clicked through, though, this site features advertisers the likes of Radisson Hotels and Resorts, Apple's iTunes, and Toshiba undoubtedly in part as a response to Free Rice's admirable slogan expressing that they were created "in support of the United Nations World Food Program"..

Just one little caveat, one tiny little pinch at these fingertips, though.. Maybe someone could suggest a slighter more appealing mantra than Play and Feed a Hungry Person for their banner page.. :irrepressible cringe:

If you're up for a little cognitive challenge, check out Free Rice's FAQ, About, and Totals pages to see for yourself if they are worthy of your valuable Time.. From this (once again borrowed) desktop, looks like nothing to gain but the Smarts and some inescapable Feel Goods for the effort.. :wink:

Cyber hugs..

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