Monday, November 19, 2007

RFID tracking of "Special" Olympics Athletes..

Something that crossed my inbox since the last time I accessed it is a article entitled These Jobs Are Totally Cool..

So, ok, up front and at first glance, the one André V. Mendes does seem admirable.. He oversees the use of RFID technology to track participating athletes..

Just one teensy, tiny caveat there.. These fingertips can't help but inquire: Did he ask the athletes if they wished their civil rights and personal privacy to be invaded thusly..? :raises brow:

To read up on RFID tracking of people, try starting with the following I first used then work your keyword choice from there to follow what fits your own opinion of the same.......

Internet search: rfid tracking people..

Cyber hugs..

PS.. Totally cool, LOVE to learn something new every day, albeit the following does come absolutely at the bottom of the following referenced webpage.........

Special Olympics provides a Language Guide for those interested in their program.. Very lastly but surely not leastly at the end of their section titled "Terminology to Avoid", they speak of refraining from the use of the word "special" with implied reference to it creating stereotypes.. Catching up with the spirit of disability self-determination, they do appear to be..

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