Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Hit and Run Post :: GOPUSA :: Fred Thompson said *WHAT*..?

"Hit and Run Post" translates into my apologies up front for any accidental whoopsies because of its rushed creation......

In at the library again today because I'm typing up what will be ornaments for my disability self-advocacy entry in this year's "Festival of Trees" (if I finish in time :Oy, goodness, grin: )..

In spite of the ever desperately ticking time clock, OCD dictated that I quickly check in with my email inbox as well.. In doing so, found that the latest GOPUSA Eagle newsletter had arrived.. This week's feature story shared that Fred Thompson believes our nation's national security to be the top issue for Election 2008..

Most respectfully (and all things genuinely considered), I begs to differ..........

Having just paid $3.03 a gallon for gas at the Ellijay Wally World last night (two and a half gallons to make the trip safely back into Pickens County), being able to just afford to put something more than those dadgum ramen noodles on my table at night rules in my house..

Milk, eggs, surely any number of other staples I haven't even looked at because, again, I just plum can't afford them, are over the top, too.. How in the H-e-double-toothpicks do these companies beginning to seriously gouge consumers expect us to continue if we can't afford to fuel our bodies, let alone the vehicles that get us to work, to healthcare providers, to schools, to volunteer activities that perpetuate the Spirit of Giving to others..?

And where, oh, where is my Hero of the Future, the politician who has been here, done that in similar Shoes to know that, without even the very basic sustenances in Life, you might as well be trying to sell me the Hope diamond when you endeavor to get this Mind focused on national security just this very moment..?

Nope. Once again most respectfully, national security will not be Issue One these fingertips will seek out in determining where they will ultimately lay themselves come Election Day, 2008.........

Cyber hugs..

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