Monday, November 26, 2007

Oh, (Charlie Brownesque) Christmas Tree, Oh, (Charlie Brownesque) Christmas Tree..!

My latest contribution to the Pickens County branch of the Sequoyah Regional Library System's annual "Festival of Trees" made it up in time, 15 minutes before closing on Thanksgiving Eve (as opposed to the usual 3 the two years previous, YAY).. True to itself, it looks again this year like the artificial version of Charlie Brown's tree from the perennial children's holiday classic..

This year's theme for mine was is, "Nothing About Me Without Me", a mantra oft echoed by persons with disabilities (PWDs) with respect to who makes daily Life-affecting choices.. Came out just as I'd hoped.. Will share pics, credits, and the tree's handmade "ornaments" soon..

If you happen to stop in the library, can't miss it.. It's that Charlie Brownesque-looking Christmas tree there on your right as you enter.. Poor little thing, hate to do it to it, but may need to finally replace it with another next year, bless it's rusted wired little Heart.. :grin:

Cyber hugs, especially to the librarians who have been so supportive of my entries each year..

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