Friday, February 8, 2008

I Just Don't Get It :: All The Service Funding Cuts Going On..

Rumors (translation: no associated link of confirmation to share) came my way recently (waves to disABILITY LINK NW) that, here in Georgia, funding is in danger of being stripped away from supporting full community inclusion for PWDs and instead will be poured back in to nursing homes and other similar long term care facilities, i.e. jail and segregation.. With all the forward-thinking universal inclusion strides made through individuals' undaunted advocacy and self-advocacy efforts over the years, can we say, "Bass ackwards or what..??!!"

Another desperate "help stop this funding cut" action alert that just hit my inbox (waves to Glynda and Jeannie over at MHDDAD) comes from Mental Health America.. The Mental health slammed in Bush Budget, help fight back! alert states:

The President's $3.1 trillion proposed budget for FY 2009 abandons the millions of children and adults with mental health needs and others at risk of mental health problems. It slashes Medicaid funding by $18 billion over 5 years, and drastically cuts funding of a wide range of other federal programs critical to people with or at risk of mental health problems.

On behalf of the most vulnerable, we CANNOT let this happen. Raise your voice with others and call on Congress to reject the Administration's budget and adopt a budget that makes children and adults living with, or at risk of, mental health conditions one of the nation's most urgent priorities.

What's getting these fingertips more than just a little bit bent of late are the seemingly gabillions of U.S. Marine Corps ads running right now...........

Proudly announcing sponsorship of...........

Totally Life-altering...........

Totally Life-affecting...........

Basketball games.

Am I completely mistaken, or is not the military also funded by federal dollars..??

Perhaps near even wholly supported by the same..??

And, if so, could not those dollars being wantonly spent on frivolous ballgames not be redirected to rescue Life-saving, Life-sustaining, non-segregation-supporting community services constantly in danger of being cut..?

:scratches head and furrows brow:

Guessing that those who hold our Nation's purse strings do so have their priorities, doesn't they.. :wink:

Warm cyber hugs from the Hills of Northwest Georgia..

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